United Steel Workers of America, Local 4377 (Coshocton)

Range: 1950 - 1976 Size: 0.4 cubic feet Record Group:

Minutes of meetings, a written history, auditing committee quarterly reports, and miscellaneous materials.

United Rubber Workers (URW), Local 5

Range: 1939 - 1987 Size: 64 cubic feet Record Group:

This collection, representing a local founded in Akron, contains newsletters, contracts, agreements, negotiations, grievance files, petitions, general office files, meeting minutes, union elections, and photographs.

United Paperworkers, Local 150

Range: 1933 - 1976 Size: 0.6 cubic feet Record Group:

Meeting minutes.

United Glass and Ceramic Workers, Local 96

Range: 1964 - 1978 Size: 0.2 cubic feet Record Group:

The collection includes agreements, attendance records, correspondence, minutes of meetings and records of individual union dues paid to the Local.

United Garment Workers of America, Local 294 (Ashland)

Range: 1941 - 1967 Size: 0.2 cubic feet Record Group:

Meeting minutes.

United Food and Commercial Workers (U.F.C.W.), International Union

Range: 1935 - 1981 Size: 12 cubic feet Record Group:

This collection largely focuses on the Local 31 and includes a variety of materials such as manuals, reports, ledgers, dues books, a film, membership forms, attendance records, benefit forms, shop cards, cash books, agreements, insurance information and minutes. The bulk of the collection consists of local contracts and negotiations.

United Brick and Clay Workers, District Council No. 9, Dennison

Range: 1928 - 1976 Size: 2.8 cubic feet Record Group:

Correspondence, minutes, agreements, and financial records.

United Brick and Clay Workers, Buckeye Council 9 Records

Range: 1935 - 1970 Size: 2.0 Record Group: 99/59

The records of District Council No. 9 of the United Brick and Clay Workers consist of correspondence, minutes, agreements and financial records. 

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Nelson, Daniel

Range: 1900 - 1941 Size: 9 cubic feet Record Group:

Research material for American Rubber Workers & Organized Labor, 1900-1941. Materials include: research notes, phonotaped interviews, materials regarding the United Rubber Workers (URW), meeting minutes, manuscripts, notes and materials relating to many rubber companies, demographic studies, articles, news clippings, chapter critiques, and correspondence.

Massillon Trades and Labor Assembly

Range: 1895 - 1965 Size: 1.2 cubic feet Record Group:

Minute books, roll call books, journals of receipts and expenses, newsletters, clippings, pamphlets, and lists.

Laborers' International Union of North America, Ohio-Kentucky Regional Office

Range: 1937 - 1967 Size: 55 cubic feet Record Group:

Correspondence, minutes of meetings, financial records, and reports relating to the activities of the Locals and the Regional and National Offices of the LIU and its predecessor, the International Hod Carriers,' Building and Common Laborers' Union of America.

International Chemical Workers Union Records

Range: 1949 - 1998 Size: 190 cubic feet Record Group:

Local union correspondence, legal briefs, collective bargaining information, research and education material.

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 690 (Akron)

Range: 1929 - 1935 Size: 1 cubic foot Record Group:

Records, 1933-1935, 1 volume, minutes of a defunct local.

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 306 (Akron)

Range: 1929 - 1962 Size: 14 cubic feet Record Group:

Executive Board minutes, 1929-1962 (6 volumes) and local union minutes, 1930-1960 (8 volumes).

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 1985 (North Canton)

Range: 1942 - 1974 Size: 0.8 cubic feet Record Group:

Minutes of the Board and membership meetings, 1958-1971 (6 volumes), minutes of stewards meetings, 1961-1967 (1 volume), and contract agreements with the Hoover Company.

International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees and Moving Picture Machine Operations of the United States and Canada, Local 48 (Akron)

Range: 1910 - 1978 Size: 0.8 cubic feet Record Group:

Constitution and bylaws, contracts, financial records, membership applications, and minutes of meetings.

House, John D.

Range: 1938 - 1941 Size: 0.1 cubic feet Record Group:

Correspondence and other materials of CIO field representative, principally regarding United Rubber Workers activity at the Gadsden, Alabama, plant of the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company.

Greater Canton AFL-CIO Council

Range: 1944 - 1972 Size: 4 cubic feet Record Group:

Minutes of the Canton Federation of Labor (1944-1955), Stark County Industrial Union Council (1944-1953), Canton AFL-CIO Council (1965-1972), materials on 1958 right-to-work campaign, clippings, and speech materials.

Greater Akron Area Barbers-Stylists Association, Local 105

Range: 1909 - 1979 Size: 1.5 cubic feet Record Group:

Correspondence, financial records, meeting minutes, memoranda, newspaper clippings, photographs, and miscellanea. Materials relating to the Journeymen Barbers, Hairdressers, Cosmetologists, and Proprietors Union.

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company Records, Photographic Prints and Negatives Series

Range: 1912 - 1984 Size: 772 cubic feet Record Group: 99/106

The Photographic Prints and Negatives Series of The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company Records consists of approximately half a million images that visually document the history of the company from 1912-1984.  The images depict a variety of topics including factory scenes and equipment, lighter-than-airships, parade balloons, employees, company farms and plantations, numerous rubber products, professional and amateur sports, automotive and motorcycle racing, advertising, aeronautics, women in the workplace, war-time production, and Goodyear’s extensive line of passenger, commercial, and other tires.  Formats include glass plate, nitrate, and acetate negatives in addition to black and white and color prints and slides.  All images from 1912-1951 have been digitized and are available on our Digital Collections Website.

Electrical Workers, International Brotherhood of, Local 306

Range: 1942 - 1974 Size: 0.5 cubic feet Record Group:

Agreements between Hoover Company and Local 709, Local 24425, Constitution and By-Laws for the United Electrical, Radio, and Machine Workers of America, AFL-CIO. Includes minutes books for Local 306 (1958-1972).

Communications Workers of America, Local 4303 (Canton)

Range: 1935 - 1972 Size: 3 cubic feet Record Group: 99/17

Minutes of grievance meetings, reports on contract bargaining.

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Communications Workers of America, Local 4302 (Akron)

Range: 1937 - 1971 Size: 8 cubic feet Record Group: 99/16

Minutes, correspondence, financial records, bargaining and grievances, AFL-CIO Affiliates, community activities, and publications of CWA Local 4302 and its predecessor, Ohio Federal of Telephone Workers Local 201.

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Bricklayers, Masons and Plasterers' International Union of America, Local 51 (Wooster)

Range: 1902 - 1957 Size: 0.25 cubic feet Record Group:

Charter and minute books.

Akron Association of the Pattern Makers League of North America

Range: 1937 - 1977 Size: 2 cubic feet Record Group: 99/80

Records of 15 local companies, including correspondence, notices, agreements, strike reports, election forms, materials relating to lockouts and strikes, amendments to agreements, applications for strike sanction, tally of ballots, grievances, employee listings, and wage surveys. Includes materials at the local level: The Akron Association; job shop agreements and notices to mediation, amendments to Akron Association laws, a booklet of by-laws, by-law approvals, correspondence, financial reports, monthly reports, and newspaper clippings. Additionally, international level materials include: booklets, correspondence, minutes of meetings, and newspaper clippings.

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