Wright, W. Richard

Range: 1963 - 1966 Size: 4 cubic feet Record Group:

Regarding the Ohio Youth Services Advisory Board (chaired by Wright), includes: governing documents, minutes of board meetings, correspondence, inspection reports and recommendations, news releases, pamphlets, photograph albums, scrapbook, and oral history phonotapes of W. Richard Wright.

Voris, Alvin Coe

Range: 1860 - 1865 Size: .75 Record Group: 99/140

The Alvin Coe Voris letters consists of correspondence from Voris to his wife, Lydia Allyn Voris throughout the course of the Civil War. The letters include his correspondence from Columbus when he was attending sessions of the Ohio Legislature from January 5, 1860 to May 5, 1860. In them he speculates about future events and if war can be avoided. With the call for volunteers Voris began his military career. His letters home relate his experiences as a soldier and officer in the Union Army.  View the Voris letters here.

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Vallen, George D.

Range: 1916 - 2013 Size: 1.25 Record Group: 99/173

The papers of George Dales Vallen Senior document George’s experiences during World War I.  His diary and correspondence covers the nine months before his enlistment, his time in the American Expeditionary Forces until he returned home on April 13, 1919.  Also included is a biography of George’s life written by his grandson in 2013, a picture of George in uniform, a picture of Company “F”, Company “F” rosters, maps of United State and German Division movements during WWI, photos of the 73rd Brigade of the 37th Division, a diary that had belonged to H.G. Lafferty a friend of George’s, correspondence between Charles Ustine and The American Battle Monument Commission, Mexican Border Patrol photographs and a two volume set on the history of the 37th Division during WWI.  Researchers interested in the experience of an enlisted man during the Great War or the war in general would find this collection useful.   To view the Letters and Diaries.

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Suso, Julian. Papers, Department of Urban Planning

Range: 1949 - 1972 Size: 8 cubic feet Record Group:

Reports, proposals, correspondence, and memoranda regarding the development of the Akron area. Mr. Suso was formerly a member of the University of Akron faculty and Director of the Akron Department of Planning and Urban Renewal.

Shilts, W. D.

Range: 1908 - 1955 Size: 2 cubic feet Record Group:

Correspondence, clipping file and research notes of William Delbert Shilts, official of the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, including a manuscript history of the company, 1898-1927.

Seiberling, Willard P.

Range: 1859 - 1964 Size: 29 cubic feet Record Group: 99/130

The Willard P. Seiberling Papers contain personal and business correspondence, drawings, photographs, negatives, blueprints, and legal documents from one of the members of Akron's "founding families" of the rubber and tire industry. While not a complete record of Willard Seiberling's business activities at the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. and Seiberling Rubber Co., it does give some insight into his work at these companies as well as his interest in railroads and aviation.

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Seiberling, John F.

Range: 1937 - 1995 Size: 650 cubic feet Record Group:

Congressional files, including: materials regarding Seiberling's congressional activities, correspondence, memorandums, notes, legislation drafts, miscellaneous materials relating to bills before Congress, reports, and news clippings. Subjects include President Nixon impeachment hearings, Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Alaska lands, strip and surface mining, and public lands issues.

Schneider, Dorothy

Range: - Size: Record Group:

Notebooks, news clippings, photographs, and other genealogical material.

Schnee, Charles F.

Range: 1940 - 1966 Size: 3 cubic feet Record Group:

The collection includes legal briefs, documents, notes, correspondence, bulletins, and pamphlets relating to Schnee's career as a lawyer and conservationist activities.

Sawyer, William T., Family

Range: 1877 - 1953 Size: 5.3 cubic feet Record Group: 99/138

Correspondence, travel accounts, photographs, genealogies and miscellaneous material concerning Sawyer's personal life, professional life and family. Includes military memorabilia from George Childs (1860s-1890s).

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Sailor, Joseph

Range: 1862 - 1863 Size: 0.5 cubic feet Record Group: 99/82

Civil War letters of Private Sailor, 45th Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry. 35 items View the Sailor letters here.

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Ruhlin, Mrs. Ben. Prayer Campaign Committee

Range: 1970 - 1977 Size: 12 cubic feet Record Group:

Correspondence, publicity, petitions, and other materials relating to Mrs. Ruhlin's efforts to restore prayer to public schools.

Rowland, Jasper M. Jr., Family

Range: 1956 - 1973 Size: 3 cubic feet Record Group:

This collection contains letters between parents of children of the Jasper M. Rowland, Jr. family, reflecting the cultural changes during the period of the late 1950's to the early 1970's.

Roth, Harry C.

Range: 1904 - 1920 Size: 1 cubic foot Record Group:

This is a collection of letters written to Harry C. Roth; mostly personal in nature.

Ross, Rev. George Everett

Range: 1957 - 1990 Size: 5.5 cubic feet Record Group:

Sermons, church bulletins, documents relating to diocesan and parish matters (Episcopal Church), correspondence, newspaper clippings, course outlines for classes conducted by Ross, class notes, term papers, and phonotapes.

Rohner, Ralph

Range: 1882 - 1977 Size: 2 cubic feet Record Group:

Contains materials involving personal, business, and legal matters directly related to the Akron area. Also comprises a record of school papers and notebooks of Eva Rohner from grade school (Sacred Heart Academy) to her education at Buchtel College.

Polsley, John J.

Range: 1839 - 1948 Size: 0.5 cubic feet Record Group: 99/136

Lieutenant Colonel John J. Polsley served in the American Civil War in the 8th Regiment Virginia Volunteers, which later became the 7th Regiment West Virginia Cavalry. Polsley was captured in 1863 and sent to Libby Prison in Richmond, Virginia. The papers primarily contain correspondence to his wife, Ellen (Nelly) S. Donnally Polsley. He wrote of camp life and battles as well as his thoughts on war. Also included are letters to his father, Judge Daniel H. Polsley.

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Petersen, Jorgen

Range: 1864 - 1880 Size: 0.5 cubic feet Record Group: 99/156

The diary of Petersen, who was a Peninsula, Ohio, canal boat captain.

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Pahlau, James A.

Range: 1842 - 2003 Size: 68 cubic feet Record Group: 99/142

James A. “Jim” Pahlau (1930-2007) was an expert on local and regional architecture, especially in Akron and Summit County, Ohio.  He was also a collector of resources on the subject.  The James A. Pahlau Collection consists of personal papers, printed materials, photographs, architectural drawings, and phonograph records documenting local and regional architecture and theater.  There is also a large amount of materials on Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens and Progress Through Preservation.

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Munn, Russell

Range: 1944 - 1944 Size: 2 cubic feet Record Group:

The papers of R. Russell Munn, director of the Akron-Summit County Public Library, includes: correspondence, news clippings, publications, miscellanea, annual reports, survey of public libraries, and photographs.

McIntosh, W. B.

Range: 1920 - 1980 Size: 7 cubic feet Record Group:

The collection contains material relating to McIntosh's relationships with: Akron Community Trust, Litchfield Rehabilitation Center, Seiberling Foundation, First Congregational Church, Canal Street Property, Children's Hospital, and Pyramid Rubber Company. Materials include correspondence, reports, appraisals, lists of grants, financial reports, minutes, publications, governance papers, building plans, yearbooks, notes, donations records, and agreements.

McDonald, Peter Papers

Range: 1964 - 2013 Size: 7.0 Record Group:

Peter McDonald (1930-2013) was a tire designer/engineer with The Firestone Tire & Rubber Company and a tire forensics expert who served as a consultant and expert witness on numerous murder trials throughout the United States and Canada.  His papers include correspondence, drawings, patents, news releases, publications, newspaper clippings, photographs, slides, audio/video, and training materials that document his life and work and the trials that he worked on.

McCollam, William

Range: 1864 - 1864 Size: 0.2 cubic feet Record Group: 99/241

Letters sent and received, Captain McCollam, 161st Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry, mainly while he was serving in the Shenandoah Valley.  View the McCollam letters here.

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Lodge, William R.

Range: 1930 - 1946 Size: 0.3 cubic feet Record Group:

Typewritten articles relating to Silver Lake, Stow, Cuyahoga Falls, and surrounding areas.

Knight, John S.

Range: 1921 - 1981 Size: 100 cubic feet Record Group: 99/110

John S. Knight (1894-1981) was a journalist and newspaper publisher from Akron, Ohio who inherited the Akron Beacon Journal from his father and parlayed it into a newspaper conglomerate known as Knight-Ridder Newspapers, Inc. His papers consist primarily of material relating to his life and career including correspondence, speeches, scrapbooks, “Editor's Notebooks,” newspaper clippings, photographs, phonotapes, and memorabilia.

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Knight, Charles M. and Family

Range: 1849 - 1940 Size: 21 cubic feet Record Group:

Personal letters, diaries, journals, business papers, photographs, and artifacts relating to Charles M. Knight, professor of natural sciences at Buchtel College, and family members Joel Knight, Jr., Fanny Maria Duncan Knight, Sophie Knight McCollester, Eva Knight Greenwood, Colonel William Henry (Hal) Greenwood, Susan Helen Knight, Esther Knight Guild, and Mary Knight Dutton. There is also a small amount of publications, flyers, and other documents from sources outside the family.

Karam, Adib

Range: 1925 - 1985 Size: 6 cubic feet Record Group:

Materials dealing with Dr. Karam's volunteer work with people around the world, including: Project Hope, Africa, Navajo Indians, Vietnam, Middle East, Alaska, San Quentin, California Institute for Women, and Southeast Asia. Included are certificates, diaries, slides, photographs, maps, newspaper and journal articles, correspondence, manuscripts, booklets, and brochures.

Huber, William Henry

Range: 1920 - 1945 Size: 6 cubic feet Record Group:

Sermons, articles for the Akron Beacon Journal, photographs, and news clippings dealing with Dr. Huber's activities as Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Akron.

Huber, Walter B.

Range: 1939 - 1955 Size: 42 cubic feet Record Group:

Correspondence of the congressman, miscellaneous books, including Akron Telephone Directories, annual reports, Congressional Directories, copies of the Congressional Record, political convention proceedings, miscellaneous histories (local, national, and international), and magazines.

Hower House, Friends of

Range: 1974 - 2002 Size: 3.3 Record Group: 99/237

Hower House is a High Victorian Mansion.  The house was built in 1871 for John Henry Hower and his wife Susan.  Architect Jacob Snyder designed the distinctive Second Empire Italianate style structure for the Howers; one of Akron’s leading industrialist families.  Three generations of Hower family had lived in the home when Grace Hower Crawford and John B. Hower turned it over to the University of Akron.  This collection includes the Records of the Friends of Hower House, the Hower House Victorians, and the Conservation and Restoration Committee.   In addition it contains photographs of the house from 1974 when the University first acquired it and Slides of displays, various pieces of furniture and other artifacts.

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Hower Family

Range: 1822 - 1970 Size: 35 cubic feet Record Group:

Personal and business correspondence, financial and legal papers, accounts of foreign travel, photographs, newspaper clippings, ledgers, certificates, and scrapbooks of the Hower family of Akron and Doylestown, principally M. Otis Hower, his wife Blanche Bruot, and their daughter Grace Crawford. The Howers were involved in a variety of business and community activities, including the American Cereal Company, the Akron Board of Education, and the Hower Trade School.

Hower & Ayers Family

Range: 1896 - 1980 Size: 3 cubic feet Record Group:

Materials relating to the Hower and Ayers families, including: books, materials regarding Hower companies, genealogy publications, photograph albums, newspaper clippings, and notes. The three series are comprised of materials relating to John Bruot Hower, Mary Hamilton Ayers, and Allan F. Ayers/Lucy A. Hamilton.

House, John D.

Range: 1938 - 1941 Size: 0.1 cubic feet Record Group:

Correspondence and other materials of CIO field representative, principally regarding United Rubber Workers activity at the Gadsden, Alabama, plant of the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company.

Grismer, Karl H.

Range: 1913 - 1952 Size: .25 Record Group: 99/242

Karl H. Grismer was a journalist who worked in Akron, Ohio and Florida. He published several books on local history in the two states. His papers contain materials that document his life and work including his writings and a selection of his artwork as well as numerous newspaper clippings.

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Gladwin, Mary E.

Range: 1895 - 1920 Size: 13 cubic feet Record Group: 99/116

Diary, memoir, letters, and photographs of Red Cross nurse who served in the Spanish-American, Russo-Japanese, and First World War.

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Furry, Thelma C.

Range: 1935 - 1980 Size: 4 cubic feet Record Group: 99/115

Furry served as an attorney in Akron. Includes legal papers, correspondence, a scrapbook, publications, and taped interviews regarding her defense of civil rights cases.

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Flickinger, Maynard L. Papers

Range: 1924 - 1987 Size: 0.75 cubic feet Record Group: 99/131

The Maynard L. Flickinger Papers were created while Flickinger worked for the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co.’s Aeronautics Department, Goodyear Zeppelin Corporation, and Goodyear Aircraft Corporation.  The papers predominantly contain photographs and printed materials pertaining to an airship design or airship travel, especially the USS Akron and the USS Macon.

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Firestone, Elizabeth Parke

Range: 1940 - 1970 Size: 55 cubic feet Record Group:

The papers collected by Elizabeth Parke Firestone (wife of Harvey S. Firestone, Jr.) include: correspondence, materials relating to clubs and interests of Harvey S. Firestone, Jr., speeches, writings, materials regarding Twin Oaks (the family's Akron residence), family photographs, miscellaneous medals and awards, phonodisks, and news clippings.

Fetzer, Herman and Hazel

Range: 1921 - 1973 Size: 6.75 cubic feet Record Group: 99/129

Manuscripts, correspondence, newspaper clippings, photographs, and miscellaneous material concerning Fetzer's life and work as a newspaper man and writer. Fetzer wrote under the pen name Jake Falstaff.

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Evans, Opie, Papers

Range: ca. 1940 - 1990 Size: 32 Record Group: 99/246

Opie Evans (1906-2000) was an African-American photographer, reporter, broadcaster, publisher, and businessman in Akron, Ohio who accomplished many firsts for African-Americans in the city.  His papers consist of correspondence, photographic prints and negatives, newspapers and publications, and sound recordings that document the life and work of Evans in addition to the African-American community in the Akron area.

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Endres, Dr. Kathleen L. Collection

Range: 1841 - 2018 Size: 6 Record Group: 99/253

Dr. Kathleen L “Kitty” Endres is a distinguished professor emerita of Communications at The University of Akron. This collection is comprised of files and collected materials assembled and used by Dr. Endres during her career as a professor of Communications and Women’s Studies at The University of Akron.

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Edgerton, Sidney

Range: 1846 - 1901 Size: 0.86 cubic feet Record Group: 99/114

The Edgerton papers contain correspondence between Sidney and his wife, speeches, certificates, and biographical material. These papers pertain to the Civil War and westward expansion.  View the Edgerton letters here.

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Dixon, G. Gale

Range: 1912 - 1954 Size: 1 cubic foot Record Group:

Materials relating to Dixon's career as consulting engineer and Chief Sanitary Engineer for the City of Akron. The collection, which deals with Akron's water supply, includes: biographical information, reports, publications, topographic maps, and miscellanea.

Davidson, Dr. Herbert A.

Range: 1927 - 1974 Size: 1 cubic foot Record Group: 99/112

Scrapbooks, minutes of meetings, financial and organizational records, correspondence, writings and other materials of a black physician who was active in black life insurance programs and civil rights efforts.

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Dales Family Papers

Range: 1895 - 1972 Size: .86 Record Group: 99/181

The George S. Dales Company was founded by George S. Dales Sr. in 1876. Known for selling jewelry, instruments, and Victrola's, it was handed down to George S. Dales Jr. and then to Gerald L. Dales and lasted until 1969. George Dales Jr's other son, George Franklin Dales, founded the George Franklin Dales company in 1946. Working with Mechanical Industries Production Company, he invented the Mighty Mite Thermostat. Included in the collection are 39 Glass plate negatives showing images from around the turn of the 19th-20th century.

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Collyer, John L.

Range: 1939 - 1976 Size: 1 cubic foot Record Group:

News clippings and photographs of Mr. Collyer, former president of BF Goodrich Company.

Colley, Russell S.

Range: 1944 - 1971 Size: 1 cubic foot Record Group: 99/239

Patents, articles, photo album, photographs, news clippings, and correspondence regarding Colley's development of pressurized flight suits.

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Clark, C. J.

Range: 1922 - 1933 Size: 0.33 cubic feet Record Group:

Mrs. Clark, an early radio enthusiast, transcribed radio program transmissions from around the world as well as corresponded with various radio stations. This collection contains scrapbooks, postcards, and correspondence.

Clapp, Kate

Range: 1931 - 1977 Size: 10 cubic feet Record Group:

Scrapbooks, newspaper clippings and photographs regarding Mrs. Clapp's activities as Akron Beacon Journal garden specialist for over forty years.

Chamberlain, Gladys

Range: 1949 - 1954 Size: 25 cubic feet Record Group:

Historical materials of Ohio and Summit County, including: short written histories (topical), correspondence, photographs, drawings, clippings (arranged by topic and year), The University of Akron, clippings regarding Ohio counties, Ohio subject matter, Akron/Summit County clippings by topic, clippings regarding Akron during World War II, clippings relating to early and current area families, miscellaneous local history publications, clippings about Akron clubs and associations, materials regarding Summit County government, agencies, schools, special interest groups, and the War of 1812. Also included are copies of the Firestone Non-skid.

Bosworth, Glenn "Speed"

Range: 1912 - 1978 Size: 6 cubic feet Record Group: 99/140

The collection includes: correspondence, military papers, church programs, autograph sheets, personal awards, newspaper clippings, team statistics and scorecards (from coaching career), materials relating to leagues in which Bosworth coached, and materials relating to scouting for the Cleveland Indians (Cleveland Indians season passes, minor league rosters, player evaluation reports, and schedules. Scrapbooks and photographs of Bosworth's activities as a player and coach of baseball and basketball.

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Bluhm, Eileen E. Scrapbook

Range: 1981 - 2005 Size: 0.13 Record Group:

Eileen Bluhm was the Vice President of Communications at the Akron Regional Development Board from 1975 to 1995 and was considered one of Akron’s “chief civic boosters.”  She was involved in a number of local organizations including the Ohio Ballet, Akron Zoo, and the Akron Art Museum, to name  a few.  She was also a supporter of education and women’s rights. The scrapbook contains photographs, articles, awards, and newspaper clippings that document her life and work in the Akron area.

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Bailey, Rae

Range: 1849 - 1957 Size: 1 cubic foot Record Group: 99/104

Materials relating the author's interest in the history of Savannah and Clear Creek Township, Ashland County, Ohio. Also included are genealogical papers spanning the author's ancestors (John R. Bailey Family), and the historical pageant, various poems, and short stories written by Bailey.

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B-26 Marauder Archives, Thelbert H. Thomas Collection

Range: 1943 - 2017 Size: .13 Record Group: 100/36

Thelbert "Dick" H. Thomas enlisted in the United States Army in 1941 and transferred to aviation cadet training in 1943. He served as pilot on a B-26 Marauder nicknamed "The Three Bears" until 1945. At this point he was reassigned from the 391st Bomb Group (BG), 572nd Bombardment Squadron (BS), to the 323 BG, 454 BS and ultimately was assigned to the 323 BG, 457 BS. He was discharged from the Army in 1945.

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B-26 Marauder Archives, Robert E. Herndon Papers

Range: 1940 - 1957 Size: .25 Record Group: 100/20

The Robert E. Herndon Papers consist of Robert E. Herndon's military records, self-authored magazine articles, and the 42nd Bombardment Wing operations report.

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B-26 Marauder Archives, Richard J. Atkinson Collection

Range: 1988 - 2003 Size: .76 Record Group: 100/23

The Richard J. Atkinson Collection consists of newsletters, correspondence and plaques documenting Richard J. Atkinson's military career, B-26 Marauders and the Ninth Air Force Association.

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B-26 Marauder Archives, Richard C. Booth Papers

Range: 1942 - 1995 Size: .58 Record Group: 100/14

The Richard C. Booth Papers includes an autobiography of Richard C. Booth, correspondence with various organizations, personal records, and magazine articles involving Richard Booth, B-26 Marauders, and Barksdale Air Force Base.

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B-26 Marauder Archives, Marvin C. Colton Papers

Range: 1942 - 1995 Size: 0.5 cubic feet Record Group: 100/5

Marvin C. Colton served in the 555th Bomb Squadron, 386th Bomb Group (M) as a bombardier during World War II. This collection consists of photographs from the World War II era and the 1980's and 1990's "Return of the Crusader" reunions. It also includes a brief history of the 555th Bomb Squadron and rosters for the 386th Bomb Group (M) Association.

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B-26 Marauder Archives, Charles H. Tillson Papers

Range: 1941 - 1999 Size: .33 Record Group: 100/22

The Charles H. Tillson Papers consists of correspondence, military records, photographs and an autobiography of Charles H. Tillson.

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B-26 Marauder Archives, Charles H. Drake Papers

Range: 1943 - 1949 Size: 0.25 cubic feet Record Group: 100/2

Charles H. Drake served in the Headquarters Squadron of the 391st Bomb Group. His papers include orders he received throughout his military service and many photographs taken during World War II.

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B-26 Marauder Archives, C. Forman “Dee” Dirickson Records

Range: 1941 - 1946 Size: 1.8 Record Group: 100/39

C. Forman “Dee” Dirickson was a pilot in the 451st Squadron of the 322nd Bomb Group. The collection consists of materials from his time as a pilot, including Dirickson’s flight log, records from pilot training and individual flight records, orders, photographs, maps and memorabilia.

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Arnstein, Karl

Range: 1919 - 1957 Size: 25 cubic feet Record Group: 99/126

Consists of personal and professional notes, correspondences, photographs, and plan drawings. Includes both published articles and manuscripts by Dr. Arnstein and his associates, as well as scripts for speeches and presentations given by Dr. Arnstein.

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Arnold, Helen E.

Range: 1970 - 1975 Size: 0.1 cubic feet Record Group: 99/240

Correspondence, reports, and printed material concerning the activities of the Akron NAACP (of which she was president), the Ohio Black Political Assembly, and other black organizations, as well as her 1973 Akron City Council campaign.

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