Undergraduate Honors Projects in Mathematics

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Ngo, Quang Character-Induced Metrics on Permutations


Hannah Lebo, MS, Obstructive Wiring Patterns to Circular Planarity in Electrical Networks

Matt McCuen, MS, Electrical Network Inverse Problem


Jessica Blankenship, MS, Machine Learning and Achievement Games


Daniel Becker, MS, A Comprehensive Pit Corrosion Model: Initiation and Growth Under the Influences of Environmental Factors and Cathodic Limitation

Cassandra Durell, MS, Facets of a Balanced Minimum Evolution Network Polytope

Emmanuel Rivera, MS, Equilibrium Configurations and Thermal Fluctuations in Interacting Monolayers


Michael Bellissimo, MS, A lower bound on the distance between two partitions in a Rouquier block

Oliver Evans, MS, Modelling the Light Field in Macroalgae Aquaculture

Abby Frey, MS, A Mathematical Model of a Corrosion System Containing Inhibitors

Haley Innes, MS, Classification of the normal subgroups of a wreath product 2-group

Andrew Mayer, MS, Diameter of a Rouquier block

Julie Shallman, MS, Galvanic and Pitting Corrosion of a Fastener Assembly

Komal Soomro, MS, Bounding the maximal character degree of the symmetric groups

Bounding the Maximal Character Degree in terms of Smaller Degrees in the Symmetric Groups

Megan Trinh, MS, On the diameter of the Brauer graph of a Rouquier block of the symmetric group


Hasitha Bothenna, MS, Approximation of Information Rates in Non-Coherent MISO wireless channels with finite input signals

Michael Gyamfi, MS, Modelling the Financial Market Using Copula

Ryan Gopp, MS, Normal Subgroups of Wreath Product 3-Groups

Lucas James Stanek, MS, Deformation of a Graphene Sheet by Lattice Mismatch with a Supporting Substrate

Cody Wood, MS, A Continuum Model for the Van der Waals Interaction Energy of Carbon Nanotubes

William Sands, MS, Phylogenetic Inference Using a Discrete-Integer Linear Programming Model


Zachary Roland, MS, Galvanically Induced/Accelerated Crevice Corrosion

Alex Colwell, MS, Development of a stochastic metastable pit initiation model with transition to a stable pit state

Jessica Gonda, MS, Subgroups of Finite Wreath Product Groups for p = 3

Matthew Hughes, MS, Price Signaling in a Two-Market Duopoly

Eliza Jacops, MS, Effects of Invasion Timing in a One-Dimensional Model of Competing Species with an Infectious Disease

Logan Keefe, MS, New Facets of the Balanced Minimal Evolution Polytope

Kathryn Stalker, MS, Illustrating pit initiation and evolution in aluminum alloys according the a 3-dimensional cellular automata based model

Kaylee Sutton, MS, Surface Nonuniformities in Waterborne Coatings due to Evaporative Mechanisms



John McKinnon, MS, Corrosion Damage Evolution of a Single Pit

Joseph Johnson, MS, Modeling Monitoring of An Industry In A Game-Theorectic Framework With Imperfect Information

Andrew Marmaduke, MS, A Simple Coarse-Grained Model of a Carbon Nanotube Forest Interacting with a Rigid Substrate

Dan Rhoads, MS, A Mathematical Model of Graphene Nanostructures

Rachel Richards, MS, Morphometic-Based Classification for Chiari Malformation Type 1

Michael Wransky, MS, True Color Measurements Using Color Calibration Techniques

Stacie Wyles, MS, Doubly-Invariant Subgroups for p=3

Rachel Aldrich, MS, Fraction Proficiency in Adult Students and Their Success in Algebra

Ethan York, MS, Numerical Simulation of Quasi-Two-Dimensional Corrosion of a Coated Metal

Aaron Stenta, MS, Species-Dependent Modeling of Crevice Corrosion Systems

Thomas Hill, MS, Complete Blow Up for Parabolic System Arising in a Theory of Thermal Explosion of Porous Energetic Materials

Siamak Shams Es-haghi, MS, Modeling and Simulation of Diffusion in Evaporating Polymer Solutions


Jennifer Campbell, MS, Correlation Between Piagetian Theory of Cognitive Development and College Mathematics Proficiency

Cavan Dickson, MS, Conjugacy Class Sizes of the Symmetric and Alternating Groups

Sarah Ferko, MS, Using a Markov Model to Analyze Retention and Graduation Rates

Tiffani Gaerke, MS, Characteristic Functions and Bernoulli-Gaussian Impulsive Noise Channels

Edrissa Gassama, MS, A Model of the Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell: Solution via Matched Asymptotic Expansion

Mona Matar, MS, Atomistic-to-continuum Modeling of the Detachment of a Graphene Sheet

Timothy Nixdorf, MS, A Mathematical Model for Carbon Nanoscrolls

Ryan Pinheiro, MS, Efficient Free Agent Spending in Major League Baseball

Aron Siegel, MS, Counting the Number of Distinct Dissections of a Regular N-gon

Glenn Weeman, MS, A Diophantine Equation for the Order of Certain Finite Perfect Groups

Michael Workman, MS, On Probabilistic Transition Rates Used in Markov Models for Pitting Corrosion

Jing Zhao, MS, Risk Management for Pitting Corrosion

Anthony Zunis, MS, A Game Theoretic Analysis and Simulation of Non-Incumbent Elections


Scott Basco, MS, One Dimensional Approach to Modeling Damage Evolution of Galvanic Corrosion in Cylindrical Systems

Lisa Berry, MS, Painted Trees and Pterahedra

Daniel Crawford, MS, Minimizing Pollution Through Semi-Antagonistic Equilibrium Points

Ting Gao, MS, Energy-based model of multiwalled carbon nanotubes: atomistic-to-continuum approach including nonlocal effects

Joseph Gaone, MS, A Mathematical Model of a Microbial Fuel Cell

Kristen Pennington, MS, Improving College Algebra Grades Using Online Homework Completion as a Prerequisite for Quizzes

Patrick Showers, MS, Abstract Polytopes from Nested Posets

Austin Smith, MS, One Dimensional Approach to Modeling Damage Evolution of Galvanic Corrosion of a Concentric Cylindrical Geometry

Aaron Stenta, MS, One Dimensional Approach to Modeling Damage Evolution in Galvanic Corrosion

Michael Strayer, MS, Orders of Perfect Groups with Dihedral Involution Centralizers


Curtis Anderson, MS, Analysis of Controlled Overrelaxation

Ross Bagwell, MS, Bifurcation and Stability of a Ring Problem Motivated by the Mechanics of Double-Walled Carbon Nanotubes

Matthew Brackman, MS, Modeling and Simulation of Damage Evolution in Crevice Corrosion

Kevin Buckman, MS, A Mathematical Model of Biofilm Growth and Decay with Applications of Antimicrobial

Shawn Burkett, MS, Conjugacy class sizes and character degrees in the linear and unitary groups

Paul Cullion, MS, 3-regularizing 3-semiFayers Partitions

Jonathan Hafner, MS, Evolving a Genetic Algorithm for Network Flow Maximization

Nathan Kilker, MS, The Cauchy-Born Rule Applied to a Discrete Model of a Nonwoven Fiber Mesh

Katie McCallum, MS, Probabilistic analysis of pipeline reliability using a Markov process

James Kyle Lays-Miller, PhD, Mathematical modeling of Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm growth and treatment in the cystic fibrotic lung

Andrew Simpson, MS, A discrete model approach to biofilm growth

Joshua Stoffel, MS, Lagrange-Chebyshev Single Step Methods for Solving Differential Equations

Daniel Raies, MS, Counting the faithful irreducible characters of subgroups of the iterated wreath product

Stephen Reisdorf, MS, Cellohedra

Andrew Tuesday, MS, Modeling Atomic Defects in a Two-Dimensional Lennard-Jones Lattice Using Molecular Dynamics Simulations


Adam Martinez, MS, A Geometric Tiling Algorithm for Approximating Minimal Covering Sets.

Joseph Auger, MS, Orbits of the Dissected Polygons of the Generalized Catalan Numbers.

Stephanie Bissell, MS, The effects of quorum sensing on the phenotypes of pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria cells within a biofilm.

My Diep, MS, Uniqueness of entropy solutions to hyperbolic-parabolic conservation laws.

Fang Fang, MS, A Study of the Longterm Dynamics of a Discretization of a Light Viscoelastic Rod Carrying a Heavy Block.

Marlena Gouin, MS, Acid mine drainage remediation utilizing iron-oxidizing bacteria.

James Kozy, MS, A Game-Theoretic Analysis of Home Court Advantage and Optimal Offensive Strategy in Basketball.

James Leta, MS, An Elastic Model that Describes the Buckling of the Cross-Section of a Nanotube Interacting with a Rigid Ring.

Marissa Lora, MS, Modeling Alcohol Abuse Patterns in Hispanic-American Populations Using an SIR Model

Diana Macavei, MS, A game theoretic approach to the problem of determining the optimal number of years of education.

Brittni Mott, MS, Analysis of the Generalized Catalan Orbits.

Robert Moser, MS, A one-dimensional model of a proton-exchange membrane photoelectrolysis cell

Ryan Neubig, MS, Penetration of nanoparticles into a biofilm from a bulk fluid.

George Obeng, MS, A game theoretical model for prevention of meat contamination at a meat packing house.

Emily Saracusa, MS, A mathematical model for acid mine drainage removal and iron hydroxide crust formation.

Jacob Trombetta, MS, Time-frequency representation of musical signals using the discrete Hermite transform.

Brian Van Scoy, MS, Mathematical model for hydrogen production of a proton exchange membrance photoelectrochemical cell.


Mary Zitnik, MS, A game theoretic approach to advertising strategy.

Kevin Kreighbaum, MS.  Combinatorial problems related to the representation theory of the symmetric group

Corey Lyons, MS.  The Gamma naught graph of a p-regular partition

Colin Mitchell, MS.  Numerical simulation of calcium carbonate formation

Kendall Maurer, MS.  Minimally simple groups and Burnside’s theorem

Patrick Starvaggi, MS.  Use of a diffusive approximation of radiative transfer for modeling thermophotovoltaic systems

Matt Hoffman, MS.  Use of a diffusive approximation of radiative transfer for modeling thermophotovoltaic systems

Dan Musser, MS.  On propagation of heat in atomistic simulations

Korey Kilburn, PhD.  A Laplace transform/potential-theoretic method for transient acoustic propagation in three dimensional subsonic flows


Jason Kimble, MS.  Financial Mathematics and the Black-Scholes PDE

Shawn Ryan, MS.  Bifurcation and boundary layer analysis for graphene sheets

Amineh Abdel-Qader, MS.  Introducing discrete mathematics in the 6-8 curriculum

David Nassar, MS.  A mathematical model of biofilm growth and decay

Gary Orum, MS.  Recent developments in the research of calcium carbonate precipitation

Troy Kozee, MS.  Applying Nets and Filters to the Riemann Sum

Erin McGough, MS.  A Game-Theoretic Approach to Personnel Decisions in American Football

Sandra Addo, MS.  A game-theoretic framework to competitive individual targeting

Pam Robison, MS.  Mathematical modelling of biofilm growth and decay through various deliveries of antimicrobial

Sara Rollo, MS.  Integrating health education and leisure time into economic growth modeling


Christina Felix, MS.  Classification of the doubly-invariant subgroups for p=2

Scott Kaschner, MS.  Results and examples regarding bifurcation with a two-dimensional kernel

Aaron McClure, MS.  An Analysis of Cardano’s Demonstrations of the Solutions to the Depressed Cubic

Heidi Robinson, MS.  Developing a Strategy to Evaluate Fuel Mixer Performance Using Data Obtained by Spontaneous Raman Scattering

Kyle Terakedis, MS.  Forced Decisions in a Multi-Street Game

Justyna Wojtasinski, MS.  Classifying triply-invariant subspaces for p=3

Joe Tucker, MS.  A three sector, integrated approach to economic growth modeling: production, human capital and health education

Toma Marinov, PhD.  Field emission from coated nanowires