Welcome to The University of Akron SIAM Student Chapter

SIAM is the Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics.

The objectives of this Student Chapter are:

  • To provide a forum for the discussion of applied mathematics research.
  • To promote interactions between undergraduate and graduate students, to share their interest and experiences in applied mathematics.
  • To provide information about career choices involving applied mathematics.
Anyone can join the student organization!

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Activities of this Chapter include:

  • Lecture series on research and career development in applied mathematics.
  • A student seminar that shall give students an opportunity to give presentations and improve their communication skills.
  • Social events that facilitate informal interaction between faculty and students.
  • Field trips to research institutions and industrial corporations in the Northeast Ohio that shall give students experiences on how mathematics is applied across disciplines.
For upcoming schedule, see the announcements and calendar .

Past Events:

SIAM Student Chapter Seminar
The UA SIAM Student Chapter will host Dr. Pat Wilber, UA math professor, on Thursday November 30th 2017 at 3:00pm in JAR 151.
Title: An Elastica Model that Describes the Buckling of Cross-sections of Multi-walled Nanotubes

Abstract: We model the cross-section of a multi-walled nanotube as a collection of rods. Each rod is modeled as an elastica with a circular reference configuration, and neighboring rods interact by van der Waals forces. We formulate a two-point boundary-value problem for a system of nonlinear ordinary differential equations that govern the deformation of the cross-section. We describe the buckling of the rods from their circular configurations as a function of the radii of the circles. Our results include a detailed description of the buckling loads. Also, we study post-buckling behavior both analytically and numerically.

The UA SIAM Student Chapter will host Paul Stager, a UA math alumnus and current director of engineering at CISCO, on Friday November 10th 2017 at 3:15pm in Leigh Hall 306. In his talk, Paul will give some insight into software defined networks (SDN), wireless security, wireless location, and work-flow analytics that require machine learning and data analytics, and numerically efficient solutions to non-linear systems of equations.

On Thursday March 9th 2017 at 4pm, the UA SIAM student chapter seminar will present Daniel Rhoads, a PhD student in Engineering Applied Mathematics at UAkron and NASA Fellow. Dan will talk about "Investigation of Carbon Fiber Architecture in Braided Composites Using X-Ray CT Inspection."
Abstract: During the fabrication of braided carbon fiber composite materials, process variations occur which affect the fiber architecture. Quantitative measurements of local and global fiber architecture variations are needed to determine the potential effect of process variations on mechanical properties of the cured composite. Although non-destructive inspection via X-ray CT imaging is a promising approach, difficulties in quantitative analysis of the data arise due to the similar densities of the material constituents. In an effort to gain more quantitative information about features related to fiber architecture, methods have been explored to improve the details that can be captured by X-ray CT imaging. Metal-coated fibers and thin veils are used as inserts to extract detailed information about fiber orientations and inter-ply behavior from X-ray CT images.

16 February 2017 4pm in Olin 107, Shawn Ryan, Department of Mathematics at Cleveland State. "Collective Dynamics in Active Biological Systems"

When: Friday November 11th 2016 at 4:30pm
Where: CAS 138
Who: Michael Wransky, UAkron Math Department Alumnus.
Title: From Akron to Silicon Valley, Mathematics Provides Opportunities
Abstract: Studying mathematics at the undergraduate or graduate level provides great career opportunities, but oftentimes those opportunities are not obvious or even framed as something a math major would do. Many employers are seeking the traits and skills a math major refines and yet conveying that via a resume or cover letter can cause many applicants to shy away. We will discuss mathematics in the private business sector, what topics are hot, which skills will get you noticed, and provide some examples of post-graduation mathematical journeys that have happened for me.

David Martin, Chief Data Scientist at ROOT will come to UAkron and give a presentation in the SIAM Seminar on Friday March 11th 2016 at 3:30-4:20 pm in LH 312.
The title of the talk is: What does a mathematician do at a car insurance company?
David obtained a BS in Math from YSU in 2008 and a PhD. in math from Kent State in 2012. After graduation, he worked for 3 years at Progressive Insurance as a R&D Analyst.

The UA SIAM Student Chapter will host UA math alumnus Jacob Trombetta for a talk on Friday, Sept. 11, 2015 at 1:30pm in Schrank Hall North 354 (SHN 354). Jacob will talk about his experience working at Applied Vision (http://www.appliedvision.com/) and the problems he has been working on. Applied Vision is a company headquartered in Akron and it is an international market leader in machine vision systems for the food and beverage industry.