About the Department of Mathematics

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We are

  • 24 professors and lecturers
  • 9 part-time instructors
  • 10 graduate students
  • 100 undergraduate majors

We offer

  • 90 sections of
  • 30 different courses to
  • 3000+ students per semester

We receive

  • an average of $300,000 per year in federal and state grants from agencies such as
    • the National Science Foundation
    • the National Institutes of Health
    • the Ohio Department of Education
    • and NASA

We publish

  • 30 papers per year, of which 75% have student co-authors in research areas such as
    • Mathematics of materials
    • Algebra and Number Theory
    • Education in Mathematics

We emphasize

  • Interdisciplinary team research
  • High quality teaching

Department Accolades

  • 11 faculty have won teaching awards
  • 5 faculty have won service awards
  • 4 faculty have won research awards
  • 2 faculty have won early career awards

Credits: M101 and Typhoon Rammasun [NASA, via astronet], Mandelbrot zoom [W. Beyer, via wikimedia].


Department Telephone 
(330) 972-7400

Department Email
Email:  math@uakron.edu

Department Fax 
(330) 374-8630 

Mailing Address 
Department of Mathematics 
Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences 
The University of Akron 
Akron, OH 44325-4002 

Department Office 
College of Arts and Sciences Building
Room 220

Department Chair 
Dr. Kevin Kreider 
(330) 972-6121 
Email: kkreide@uakron.edu 

Assistant  to the Chair
Ms. Pamela Hoover 
(330) 972-7401 
Email: phoover@uakron.edu


Graduate Coordinator 
Dr. Pat Wilber 
(330) 972-6994 
Email: jw50@uakron.edu 

Undergraduate Coordinator 
Dr. J. P. Cossey 
(330) 972-8127 
Email: cossey@uakron.edu


webmaster: Dr Stefan Forcey

Announcements for Fall 2018

  • WIM Lecture Series: Thursday November 1st at 4:30pm. Dr. Alexis Byers, an Assistant Professor at YSU, will give the talk "Moving Gracefully Toward Graph Coloring." In this talk, Dr. Byers will describe how a 19th century problem on sets led to a 20th century problem on the decomposition of graphs, which, in turn, resulted in a graph labeling problem that gracefully led to a 21st century concept on coloring of graphs.
  • WIM Lecture Series: Tuesday October 2nd at 4:30pm in Olin Hall 113. Dr. Carla Cotwright-Williams will give a presentation about her career and tell us about what she does as a mathematician at the Department of Defense in Washington DC.
  • Thanks for a great picnic! Thursday, September 20, 2018, 5:45 pm: The annual fall picnic at Sand Run Park Mingo Lodge (map) was hosted by the math student groups: PME, WIM and SIAM.
  • Seminars and Colloquia are currently scheduled in algebra, combinatorics and PDE's.
  • SIAM Student Chapter will host Dr. Nao Mimoto, an associate professor of Statistics at UA, on Wednesday September 5th at 5pm (new time) in CAS 142. Dr. Mimoto will talk about Actuarial Science, Financial Time Series, and Machine Learning.
  • Join Pi Mu Epsilon! Anyone can join the student organization as a math club member (no requirements except loving math!) and then apply for honor society membership in the spring.
  • We have now an official SIAM Student Chapter. Anyone can join the student organization.
  • The Women In Mathematics group is hosting seminars this semester by female mathematicians on their research and career opportunities.
  • Anyone can join the student organization. Meet up weekly on days TBA.

Math Department History

Historical account of the UA mathematics department, prepared by J. Palagallo.