Jutta Luettmer-Strathmann

Associate Professor of Physics and Chemistry
Condensed Matter Theory

Group members and research projects: 

Kiran Khanal (PhD student) Semiflexible polymers in melts and composites
Vincent Robbiano (Master's student) Charge transport in organic photovoltaics
Maithili Ghamande (Master's student) Optical properties of organic photovoltaics
George Rufener (undergraduate student, physics) Monte Carlo simulations of 2-d fluids
Ben Cochran (undergraduate student, music and electrical engineering) Acoustic modeling

  • Combination of small-scale simulations with coarse-grained theories.
    • Soret effect in mixtures of complex fluids
    • Local friction in polymer melts and blends
  • Monte Carlo, Density-of-States, and Molecular Dynamics simulations
    • Static and dynamic properties of polymer melts and blends   Visualizations 
    • Polymer chains near surfaces.
    • Conformations and dynamics of single chains in vacuum.
  • Properties of organic photovoltaics
  • Semiflexible and biopolymers

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