Sergei F Lyuksyutov Ph.D.

Professor of Physics

Scanning Probe Microscopy and Nanolithography

Dynamic Holography and Fiber Optics


  • Atomic force microscopy electrostatic nanolithography (AFMEN). Together with scientists at USAF Research Laboratory we invented the AFMEN (3 US Patents: – a versatile tool to pattern at the nanoscale dielectric or semiconducting thin films (polymers, viruses, graphene fluoride, styrene butadiene, CdS, p-Si pretreated with organic solvents, etc.). The AFMEN established a new paradigm for nanolithography allowing rapid (~ 3ms) creation of nanostructures.  

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  • Fiber Bragg gratings analysis. There is a substantial interest to use the FBGs as sensors in aerospace applications due to their small size, high bandwidth, and immunity to extreme environments. That interest has triggered a need to understand the physics of the FBGs’ performance at extreme temperatures of up to 1000 K and above and also at another end of thermal spectrum, low temperatures when conditions are close to deep vacuum. We developed a technique to measure precisely thermo optics coefficient in FBG silica-based sensors (Collaborative effort with NASA Glenn).
  • Dynamic holography and space charge waves in photorefractive materials. We have derived a closed-form solution of band-transport model (The Kukhtarev equations) for high-contrast gratings in photogalvanic crystals. The space-charge waves are common in physics and plasma and semiconductors. We report experimentally the space charge waves in photorefractive materials with point group 23.

Selected publications:

1.      S.F. Lyuksyutov, R.A. Vaia, P.B. Paramonov, S Juhl etc. “Electrostatic nanolithography in polymers using atomic force microscopyNature Materials 2 (7), 468-472 (2003) doi:10.1038/nmat926 PDF

2.      S.F. Lyuksyutov, P.B. Paramonov, I. Dolog, and R.M. Ralich, “Peculiarities of anomalous electronic current during AFM-assisted nanolithography on n-type silicon,” Nanotechnology 14, 716-721 (2003) PDF

3.      S.F. Lyuksyutov, R.A. Vaia, P.B. Paramonov, and S. Juhl, “Amplitude-modulated electrostatic nanolithography in polymers based on atomic force microscopy,” Applied Physics Letters 83 (21), 4405-4407 (2003) PDF

4.      S.F. Lyuksyutov, P.B. Paramonov, R.A. Sharipov, and G. Sigalov, “Induced deformations in polymers on nanoscale using atomic force microscopy,” Physical Review B 70 (17), 174110 (2004) PDF

5.      G. Adamovsky, S.F. Lyuksyutov , J.R. Mackey, B. Floyd, U. Abeywickrema, I. Fedin, M. Rackaitis, “Peculiarities of thermo-optic coefficient under different temperature regimes in optical fibers containing Fiber Bragg gratings,” Opt. Communications 285, 766-773 (2013) PDF

6.      N.V. Kukhtarev, S.F. Lyuksyutov, P. Buchhave, T. Kukhtareva, K. Sayano and P. Banerjee, “Self-enhancement of dynamic gratings in photogalvanic crystals,” Physical Review A 58, 4051-4055 (1998) PDF

7.      N. V. Kukhtarev, P. Buchhave, and S. F. Lyuksyutov, “Optical and electric properties of dynamic holographic gratings with arbitrary contrast”, Physical Review A, 55, No.4, 3133-3136 (1997) PDF

8.      S.F. Lyuksyutov, P. Buchhave, and M.V. Vasnetsov, “Self-excitation of space charge waves”, Physical Review Letters, 79, No.1, 67-70 (1997) PDF

9.      W-K Lee, S. Tsoi, K. E. Whitener, R. Stine, J. T. Robinson, J. S. Tobin, A. Weerasinghe, P. E. Sheehan, S. F. Lyuksyutov, “Robust reduction of graphene fluoride using an electrostatically biased scanning probe,” Nano Research 6(11) 767-774 (2013) DOI 10.1007/s12274-013-0355-1 PDF

10.  F. Havermeyer, S.F. Lyuksyutov, R.A. Rupp, H. Eckerlebe, P. Staron, and J. Vollbrandt, “Non-destructive resolution of high harmonics of light-induced volume gratings in PMMA with cold neutrons”, Physical Review Letters, 80, 3272-3275 (1998) PDF


S. Juhl, S. F. Lyuksyutov, and R. A. Vaia, “Method of Z-lift electrostatic nanolithography,” U.S. Patent 7,538,332 (granted May 26, 2009)
S.F. Lyuksyutov, R.A. Vaia, and S. Juhl, “Method of Polymer Nanolithography,” U.S. Patent 7,431,970 (granted October 7, 2008)
S. F. Lyuksyutov, R. A. Vaia, S. Juhl, and P. B. Paramonov, “Method of amplitude modulated electrostatic nanolithography,” U.S. Patent 7,241,992 (granted July 10, 2007)

Awards, Distinctions, Visiting appointments:

2016                Glenn Faculty Fellow, NASA

2014                NASA Glenn Fellowship GRC, Cleveland OH

2012-2013       Senior Fellow, Office of Naval Research, Naval Research Lab, Washington DC

2010-2011       NASA Summer Faculty Fellowship Glenn Research Center, Cleveland OH

2008                Fulbright Senior Specialist, Institute of Physics, Kyiv, Ukraine

2005                Earlier Career Research Award, College Arts Sciences, University of Akron, OH

2004-2005       Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Fellow, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan

2002-2004       National Research Council Summer Faculty Fellow, USAF Research Lab, WPAFB OH

2001                Visiting Professor, Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby, Denmark

1997                Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft Award, GKSS Nuclear reactor, Geeschat, Germany

1989                George Soros Fellow, Hertford College, Oxford University, Oxford, UK