First Place Winner Arts & Leisure (awarded $300):

Lily Traxler - Grade 6 - North Ridgeville, OH - Playful Kitten Art

Runner-Up Arts & Leisure (awarded $150):

Sophia Leung - Grade 6 - Palm Harbor, FL - Minds of Teens

Remaining Finalists Arts & Leisure (each awarded $75):

Marcelo Gonzalez - Grade 7 - Macedonia, OH - The Roo-Inator Power Punch Game

Ava Jackson - Grade 8 - Lititz, PA - Mariposa Garden

Prina Patel - Grade 7 - Mechanicsburg, PA - Unity is our Strength

Sibi Shanmugam - Grade 7 - Mechanicsburg, PA - Medieval Mania


First Place Winner Science & Engineering (awarded $300):

Tyler Shirk - Grade 8 - Lititz, PA - The Hitting Pro

Runner-Up Science & Engineering (awarded $150):

William Lee - Grade 8 - Lititz, PA - The Wave Energy Converter

Remaining Finalists Science & Engineering (each awarded $75):

Colin Choi - Grade 5 - Oviedo, FL - The Vortex Charger

Brooklyn Hatton - Grade 5 - Columbus, IN - The Slip On Ice

Daniel Hertzler - Grade 7 - Mechanicsburg, PA - Pinball Mayhem

James Myers - Grade 7 - Cuyahoga Falls, OH - The Glasses Bed

2022 Top 8 Schools with the Most Entries

Each school will be awarded a donation of $200 for their achievement.

  • Columbus Signature Academy - Indiana
  • Clearwater Fundamental Middle School - Florida
  • North Ridgeville Academic Center - Ohio
  • Rootstown Middle School - Ohio
  • Saint Joseph Parish School - Ohio
  • Manheim Township Middle School - Pennsylvania
  • Bridgeport Middle School - Texas
  • Geneva Elementary School - Florida

CONGRATULATIONS to this year's winners, runners-up, finalists, and top schools!

CONGRATULATIONS to each student that entered this year's contest. Thank you for your hard work and for sharing your creativity with us.

Thank you to all of the teachers, parents, and mentors who helped our students along the way. And thank you to our judges for their time.

Special thank you to our Gold sponsor:

Rubber Division, American Chemical Society

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Join the fun and get ready to learn about the rubber band - one of the many amazing inventions created from a unique class of materials known as polymers! This educational contest was designed to give students a new opportunity to have fun learning about Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. Each year students from across the nation come up with new ways of using rubber band(s) to create amazing inventions, games, artworks, and more!


  • To design and create a working invention/artwork that incorporates at least one (1) rubber band.




  • The first place winner in each division received $300.
  • The runner-up in each division received $150.
  • The four remaining finalists in each division (who are not a first place winner or runner-up) received $75.
  • Schools earned cash donations too! The top eight schools with the most student entries each received an equal donation shared from a donation pool of $1,600*. (*The donation pool is divided equally by the total number of schools in the top eight including any schools that are tied for spots in the top eight. In-eligible entries do not count towards school awards.)

OUR CONTEST LESSON PLAN MAKES IT EASIER: standard aligned and easy to integrate with your curriculum

    • Alignment with multiple standards:
      • Next Generation Science Standards
      • Common Core Standards
      • National Standards (Grades 5-8)
      • Ohio Academic Content Standards for Science
      • Ohio Revised Science Education Standards and Model Curriculum
  • Learn more about the Rubber Band Contest Lesson Plan