Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology
Adult Development and Aging

Students admitted to the program are required to take approximately equal amounts of coursework at each institution. The coursework covers the areas of research methods/design, foundation courses in adult biobehavioral functioning, adult psychosocial functioning, and advanced research seminars. The doctoral degree will require a minimum of 90 credit hours of coursework comprised of 44 classroom hours from the following:

  • 3750:601 Psychological Research Using Quantitative and Computer Methods I
  • 3750:602 Psychological Research Using Quantitative and Computer Methods II
  • 3750:727 Psychology of Adulthood and Aging
  • 3750:780 Graduate Seminar in Psychology: Additional Research Methods Courses (Multivariate Methods, Factor Analysis, Structural Equation Modeling)
  • 3750:732 Cognition and Aging
  • 3750:728 Social Aging

Cleveland State University Courses:

  • PSY 549 Mental Health and Aging (4)
  • PSY 653 Health Psychology (4)
  • PSY 656 Sensation and Motor Functions
  • PSY 663 Neuropsychology (4)

In addition, students will complete four thesis waiver credit hours, six dissertation credit hours, and six thesis/dissertation independent study credit hours (for a minimum total of 94 credit hours). An individual student’s point of entry into the program is at one of the two partner institutions.