Undergraduate Scholarships

Scholarships have been created by alumni, faculty, and friends in collaboration with the Department of Psychology to recognize outstanding students and to provide financial resources to help in their education. Each spring the department invites applicants for our scholarships. If interested, contact the main office in early spring for an application. You can call (330-972-7280) or stop by the main office located in College of Arts & Sciences, Rm 341.

Christian Stinner Memorial Scholarship

The Christian Stinner Memorial Scholarship in Psychology was established to recognize an undergraduate student interested in, and dedicated to, research in the science of psychology.  Christian was an outstanding student whose intellectual curiosity and critical thinking superbly represented the ideals of scientific inquiry so essential for research concerning human behavior.  A student of integrity, discipline, and great potential, Christian embodied the values of undergraduate research and development, and exemplified the importance of appreciating the many factors and disciplines relevant for a fuller understanding of human development. 

Scholarship Testimonial 

"Receiving the Christian Stinner Memorial Scholarship was a very encouraging and empowering experience. It reaffirmed for me how important scholarly research is in the field of psychology. It contributed to my passion and strengthened my confidence in my abilities as I applied to graduate school!"

- Marisa Norton (Class of 2017)

The Jennifer Lynn Sloe Scholarship

The Jennifer Lynn Sloe Scholarship in Psychology was established in December 2011 in loving memory of Jennifer Lynn (Jen) Sloe by her family and friends.  Jen was a student at The University of Akron, named to The University of Akron’s Dean’s List and near completing a degree in Psychology when she passed away.  She enjoyed performing for others with her talent for music, acting and comedy and was known for her unforgettable laugh.

The scholarship will be awarded to an upper level student majoring in Psychology at The University of Akron.  A psychology student who has successfully completed at least 60 credits at the University and at least 16 hours in psychology, with an overall GPA of 3.25 who demonstrates financial need, will be selected each year that funding is available.

Scholarship Testimonial

"The psychology scholarship that I received gave me stability and the confidence that I needed to continue in my education at the University of Akron despite financial burdens from the Covid pandemic. My scholarship also gave me the time to pursue an internship at a local Akron organization working with underserved students in our school system. I am grateful for the way this funding allowed me to connect with my community." 

- Anna Kruse 

"When I was finishing my last year of undergrad, I was so thankful to receive the Jennifer Lynn Sloe Scholarship because I was working and going to school full-time. I have always supported myself throughout college, so the scholarship was much needed at the time. I now have a career in psychology as a psychometrist while I attend graduate school at The University of Akron. I study school counseling and graduate this May. I am more than grateful for the support along the way. Thank you! "

- Elaina Kraft (Class of 2017)

The Owen C. Bozeman Endowed Scholarship Fund in Psychology

The Owen C. Bozeman Endowed Scholarship Fund in Psychology was established in 2007 by Owen and Lydia Bozeman as part of their estate plan.  The purpose of the scholarship is to assist deserving students who are receiving a degree in Psychology from the Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences.  Owen Curtis was born March 13, 1923 in Carbondale, Ohio.  He served in the Philippines during World War II, and after the war, was able to attend The University of Akron under the G.I. Bill.  He received his B.A. degree in 1950 majoring in Psychology and worked for the Ohio Bureau of Employment Services as a job counselor.  Later he was a social worker at the Summit County Welfare Department.

Candidates for this scholarship must be in their senior year of studies and have selected Psychology as their major.  The student(s) shall be in need of financial assistance and maintain a grade point average of at least 3.0 during the course of their studies.

Scholarship Testimonial

"My name is Oliver Huffman, and I am a recent recipient of the Owen Bozeman Scholarship.

This scholarship has been an absolute blessing towards my education and therefore my future. I am from Augusta Georgia and have lived in now Ohio going on three years. Currently, I am pursuing my undergraduate degree in psychology and will graduate this spring with my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. I have applied to graduate school here at The University of Akron where I have been accepted and will complete my Master's in Industrial Organizational Psychology in May of 2023.

The Owen Bozeman Scholarship has drastically helped me with my current academic endeavors and has aided me on my path to achieving this dream. I am a member of our track team at Akron, work a part time internship and manage a full course load. This scholarship helped me reduce my hours at work which in turn helped me focus on my academics snowballing into a higher GPA. It has also helped me gain more financial independence and allowed me to keep my student loans very minimal, so my future does not become weighted down with debt issues. This scholarship has helped me immensely and I cannot be a more blessed and grateful recipient."

- Oliver Huffman (Class of 2021)

Raymond E. Sanders Research Scholarship

Dr. Sanders served as a professor in the Department of Psychology at The University of Akron for over 30 years.  Dr. Sanders taught undergraduate and graduate classes dealing with cognition, learning, and cognitive aging.  He was a superb and enthusiastic instructor, demonstrating expert understanding of the topic areas presented in his classes.  He was a well-liked and caring mentor for many students’ honors projects, master’s theses, and dissertation projects.  Dr. Sanders communicated his love of research and investment in quality scholarship to all who worked with him, and published many articles in well respected journals.  The Raymond E. Sanders Research Scholarship provides support for a psychology major who exemplifies both an interest and competence in the psychological research enterprise. 

Scholarship Testimonial

"Earning an undergraduate scholarship at the University of Akron meant a great deal to me. Not only was it financially beneficial, but helped me feel that I was pursuing the right career for me. I had freshly begun to value and understand the importance of research due to my incredible advisor, Dr. Bisconti. Through her mentorship and receiving this scholarship, I learned that research was not only something I could do, but something I could do well. I am now a 4th year Ph.D. candidate at the University at Buffalo, where I have been involved in a number of grant-funded applied research projects. The University of Akron fostered a love of research, and has helped me in the development of my professional identity." 

- Margaret Manges (Class of 2017)

The Department of Psychology Community Service Award

The Department of Psychology Community Service Award is presented to one student in the Department of Psychology who exemplifies a strong commitment to the community and works toward improving the lives of others and the world around us. 


The Department of Psychology Merit Scholarship

The Department of Psychology Merit Scholarship was created as a means for alumni, faculty and friends to provide support for students pursuing degrees in Psychology.  The Department of Psychology Merit Scholarship provides support for psychology majors who have demonstrated exceptional work in their Psychology and University curriculum. 


The Department of Psychology Travel Award

The Department of Psychology Travel Award is presented to deserving psychology undergraduate and graduate students to help cover the costs associated with traveling to various conferences to present their research and/or the opportunity to attend development workshops, colloquiums, etc. that advance the students training and expertise.  

Additional details can be obtained from the main office, (330) 972-7280.

If you are interested in donations to further fund deserving undergraduate or graduate student scholarships, please contact the department chair, Dr. Jennifer Tehan Stanley at jstanley@uakron.edu