Who is required to live on campus?

First-year freshmen who are not residents of Summit, Stark, Medina, Wayne or Portage counties are required to live on campus as long as space is available. For exemptions, see First-Year Residency Requirement.

Where can new freshmen live?

First-year freshmen and current students can both live in any residence hall.

Where can returning residents (current students) live?

First-year freshmen and current students can both live in any residence hall.

I applied for admission. Do I also have to apply for housing?

Yes, admission to UA does not include application for University housing. To reserve your residence hall room, sign in to My Akron and sign the housing contract.

How much does it cost to live on campus?

That depends on the residence hall you choose. See a list of residence hall rates.

How do I select my room?

All students can select a room assignment in My Akron until May 31, 2018. First-year students can self-assign according to the table below. Confirmed Living-Learning or Emerging Leader Community students will begin their selection process on February 26, 2018 at Noon and will continue on a rolling basis.


If you complete the housing application by: You may begin to select a room at noon on:
January 26 – February 17 Monday, May 20
February 18 – March 17 Tuesday, May 21
March 18 – April 14 Wednesday, May 22
April 15 – May 12 Thursday, May 23
May 13 – June 2 Friday, May 24, or the day following the student's housing application/contract completion date
> June 2 Students who submit a housing application/contract after June 2 will be manually assigned to a room by the assignments staff.

I can't find the housing contract in My Akron. Where is it?

You will see the link to the housing contract after you've submitted your Intent to Enroll form and confirmation fee. If you've submitted the Intent to Enroll form and paid the confirmation fee and you're still not able to log in to My Akron, contact the Help Desk at 330-972-6888.

If I change my mind, how can I terminate my housing contract?

You can request to be released from your housing contract by selecting the Housing Contract Release which is found on the Res Life and Housing landing page by logging into My Akron and accessing the My Housing tab.

First year students, new transfer students, and new graduate students have until May 15th to cancel their contract without penalty. However, once a returning student completes the contract, they will forfeit the $150 prepayment if they cancel prior to move in. After move-in all students are subject to the refund schedule and must have an approved petition for release in order to move out.

Learn more about terminating your contract.

What am I agreeing to by signing this contract?

When accepted by the Department of Residence Life and Housing, the Housing Accommodations Contract is a binding agreement between the student and The University of Akron. (In the case of a minor student, the agreement is between his/her parents or guardian and the University.) This agreement provides for room according to the terms and conditions outlined on the contract. Be sure to read the contract and the following information carefully. Students should also complete a Meal Plan Contract.

Will the price of my residence hall change?

The residence hall rates and meal plan rates are generally established each spring for the following academic year and represent the minimum amount of money needed to operate the residence halls and Dining Services. As a result, if you have signed a contract for any period, you will be held responsible for that period of the contract. The University will not release you from any of the contract conditions except as provided for in the University refund/release policy statement.