Chi Sigma Iota - Alpha Upsilon ChapterOfficial image of the Chi Sigma Iota-Alphfa Upsilon chapter at UA

The University of Akron Chapter of Counseling Academic & Professional Honor Society International. For counseling students, professional counselors and counselor educators.

About the Alpha Upsilon Chapter

The Alpha Upsilon Chapter (AU) is one of the largest and most internationally awarded chapters of CSI. AU was established in 1985 as a founding chapter of CSI. AU has approximately 100 active members who are students and faculty from The University of Akron.

The honor society includes a commitment to the counseling profession itself, high standards of practice and the advancement of mental health through community service and advocacy.

Alpha Upsilon's motto mirrors that of CSI nationally— 
"Not just another line on your resume."

Faculty advisor

Dr. Robert C. SchwartzPhone: 330-972-8155