Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Schedule of Courses

The following reflects typical semesters that program-related classes are offered.  However, due to university minimum enrollment requirements and other guidelines (e.g., accreditation standards), on occasion course offerings may vary. Please contact the School Administrative Assistant or your faculty advisor if you have questions.

For convenience, the courses below are listed in the order they appear on the Program Course Distribution (PCD) form:

Fall Spring Summer
5600:601, Research & Program Evaluation x x x
5600:648, Individual & Family Development Across the Lifespan x x x
5600:646, Multicultural Counseling x x x
5600:600, Professional Orientation & Ethics x x
5600:635, Introduction to Clinical Counseling x
5600:643, Counseling: Theory & Philosophy x x x
5600:647, Career Development & Counseling Across the Lifespan x x x
5600:645, Tests & Appraisal in Counseling x x x
5600:651, Techniques of Counseling x x
5600:653, Group Counseling x x x
5600:674, Pre-Practicum Clinical Mental Health x x
5600:675, Practicum x x x
5600:685, Internship x x x
5600:666, Treatment in Clinical Counseling x
5600:732, Addiction Counseling I x x
5600:662, Personality & Abnormal Behavior x x
5600:714, Evaluation of Mental Status x
5600:664, DSM x x x
5600:660, Counseling Children x
5600:655, Marriage & Family Therapy Theory and Techniques x
5600:622, Play Therapy x
5600:621, Counseling Youth at Risk x
5600:640, Counseling Adolescents x
5600:620, Issues in Sexuality for Counseling x x

NOTE: It is important to register for classes as early as possible. Please maintain an awareness of when course registration opens each semester, and register for classes as soon as possible after that date.

NOTE: The above schedule pattern is subject to change based on student enrollment and faculty resources.