Undergraduate Program

Our students receive training in critical thinking about sources of data, presentation of data, interpretation of data, prediction/forecasting of data, and the merit of conclusions drawn from data.

ACCELERATED OPTION: You can earn this degree and a master's in five years and at a significant savings. Learn more about the: Accelerated degree option.

Our Graduates

Our graduates are prepared for the diverse uses of statistics in business, industry, government, and scientific research, as well as advanced studies in statistics and related disciplines. Because virtually every profession depends on verifiable, reliable and instructive statistics our graduates have good prospects for employment. The University of Akron’s statistics program prepares you for a successful career in private industry as well as federal, state or local government.

Statistical Consulting

We offer assistance with the planning of studies, analysis of data, use of statistical software, and interpretation of output. We serve UA faculty, staff, and students, as well as off-campus clients. Click here for more information or to request a consultation.