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3470: Statistics Undergraduate Program

The Department of Statistics at The University of Akron offers the following degree options in statistics:

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Information on Statistics Honors Project. (see also Honors College Page.)

College requirements

Statistics is part of the College of Arts and Sciences. The college has these requirements for admissions and transfers.

Undergraduate Degree Requirements (revised: Fall 2016)

Statistics Core Curriculum

  • The General Education requirement and the second year of a foreign language.
3450:221,2,3 Analytic Geometry-Calculus I, II and III 12 credits
3460:209 Computer Science I   4 credits
3470:451, 2 Theoretical Statistics I, II   6 credits
3470:461 Applied Statistics or (Intro Stats I and II 261/262)   4 credits
3470:462 Applied Regression and ANOVA   4 credits
3470:480 Statistical Data Management   3 credits
3470:495 Statistical Consulting   3 credits
Total 36 credits


BS Statistics Requirements

Statistics Core Curriculum plus:

  • Three additional 400-level Statistics electives (6credits) are required.  
  • Can not be 401, 461, or any course you took to fulfill core curriculum.
3470:4xx 3 credits
3470:4xx 3 credits
Total 6 credits

BS Statistics - Data Science Degree Requirements

Statistics Core Curriculum plus:

3470:477    Time Series Analysis    3 credits
3470:485 Applied Analytics - Decision Trees    3 credits
3470:483 Adv Statistical Computing     3 credits
3460:445 Intro to Bioinformatics     3 credits
6500:324 Database Mgmt for Info. Sys.    3 credits
3470:4xx Stats elective*    3 credits
3470:4xx Stats elective*     3 credits
Total 21 credits

* Excluding 401 and 461.

BS Statistics - Actuarial Science Degree Requirements

Statistics Core Curriculum plus:

3250:244     Intro to Econ Analysis or (Macro and Micro 201/202)    3 (6) credits     
6200:201 Accounting Principles I    3 credits
6400:301 Principles of Finance    3 credits
3470:471 Actuarial Science I    3 credits
3470:472 Actuarial Science II    3 credits
3470:477 Time Series Analysis    3 credits
3470:4xx Stats elective    3 credits
6400:x One of :
414 Risk Mgmt - Property & Casualty
415 Risk Mgmt - Life Insurance
343 Investments
   3 credits
Total   24 (27) credits

Note: Graduation requires a minimum of 40 upper-level (3xx or 4xx level) credits (exclusive of workshops or General Education courses).