Current Executive Board

Name: Tyler Turner
Position: President

Tyler Turner

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Name: Bridget Karboski
Position: Special Events Chair


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Name: Ally Kahn
Position: Fine Arts Chair

Ally Kahn

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Name: Malav Desai
Position: Marketing &
Community Engagement Chair

Malav Desai

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Name: Josh Villers
Position: Traditional Chair


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Name:  Abi Uwadiae
Position: Diversity Chair


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Name: Bryce Chekan
Position: Late Night Chair

Bryce Chekan

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Name: Brittany Ferguson-Mike
Position: ZPN Advisor

Brittany Ferguson-Mike

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Office Location:

Student Union 1st Floor
Center for Service and Leadership (CSL)
Room 13

Contact ZPN:

Phone: (330) 972-7014

E-mail: zpn@uakron.edu 

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