How to report misconduct

We respect that the decision to report is yours alone to make, but we encourage you to report misconduct so you can begin to receive help and support from the university.

You should know:

  • Retaliation is strictly forbidden against any individual who makes a report, is accused of misconduct or who participates in an investigation.
  • Reporting allows for, but does not necessarily require, a formal complaint/investigation.
  • Reporting does not require students to respond to outreach or participate in any university meetings or proceedings.

Please direct any questions about reporting to:



You can report misconduct to the university by filing online, or by calling UA's Title IX professionals who are trained to help. You do not need to disclose any personal information.

We know reporting can be difficult, so before reporting you can ask for help with understanding all of your options. More information about the process is available so you can choose the best course for yourself. You can also ask faculty, trusted staff or our Title IX team to help you report.

Important: limited amnesty

While the University does not condone underage drinking, drug use, or violation of other University rules/policies, it considers reporting of gender-based misconduct to be more important.

To encourage reporting, The University of Akron will extend limited amnesty to complainants, respondents, and witnesses. The University will generally not seek to hold the student responsible for a non-violent violation of the law or the Code of Student Conduct, such as personal use of alcohol or drugs, during the time period immediately surrounding the reported behaviors prohibited by the gender-based misconduct protocol.