Reporting Title IX concerns

The University of Akron’s protocol is designed to comply with applicable state and federal law. The University of Akron reserves the right to modify or deviate from this Protocol when, in the sole judgment of the University, circumstances warrant, in order to protect the rights of the involved parties or to comply with the law.

The University of Akron is a community dependent upon trust and respect among its constituent members. The University is committed to maintaining a healthy and safe learning, living, and working environment and an environment that promotes responsibility and respect in matters of sexual conduct.

Sex-based offenses are a violation of trust and respect, are prohibited and will not be tolerated. This applies to academic, educational, co-curricular, athletic, study abroad, residential and off-campus conduct, and other University programs. Sex-based offenses include: criminal offenses, such as rape and sexual assault, domestic and dating violence; and stalking; violations of the University’s Code of Student Conduct; and violations of the University’s Sexual Harassment Policy.

The University is dedicated to preventing sex-based offenses by providing:

  • education and prevention programs that inform the community about the risks and myths that contribute to sex-based offenses;
  • providing assistance and support including procedures sensitive to a person who has been the victim of a sex-based offenses; and
  • by providing a process for investigation and adjudication that includes appropriate disciplinary sanctions for those who commit sex-based offenses.

This Protocol describes how the University investigates and responds to reports of sex-based offenses and:

  • provides guidance for students who have been the victim of a sex-based offense;
  • outlines the University's disciplinary response to alleged sex-based offenses; and
  • identifies the relevant organizations and individuals within the University responsible for managing this Protocol and programs associated with it.