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What is the Sixty-Plus (60+) Program?

The University of Akron's Sixty-Plus (60+) Program provides Ohio residents age 60 and older with the opportunity to audit credit classes on a space-available basis.

Sixty-Plus students may register for up to 11 credits (with appropriate prerequisites) per academic term. Auditing allows students to enroll in courses, but college credit is not awarded.

Entrance to the 60+ program is a three-step process:

  1. Complete the admission application form and return to the address supplied on the form. Your application will be processed and you will be assigned a student ID number. This admission step is completed one time only (you do not have to fill in another application form once you have a student ID number).
  2. Complete the income verification form. The income verification form is not needed for auditing classes. If you want to take courses for credit in the 60+ program, you must have a family income of less than 200% of the federal poverty guideline as revised annually by the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services. For more information, see Option B, below.
  3. Register for classes during our in-person registration days, described lower on this page.

For more information about this program offered at other campuses in Ohio, visit: The Ohio Department of Education website - Lifelong Learning.

Browse courses

Please prepare a list of your preferred courses and bring it with you to registration. This will help streamline the registration process. Please note, you must complete and return the 60+ admission application form first.


Sixty-Plus (60+) students are exempt from payment of all tuition and general service fees. Students are, however, expected to pay for any books, lab fees, and parking (if needed). Auditing allows students to attend classes, but college credit is not awarded. Registration must be completed during the designated dates and times. Late registration will not be accommodated.

Cost for Books estimated range $50 - $100 per course
Facility Fee estimated at $18.55 per credit hour
Course Fees estimated range of $10 - $100 (most classes do not have course fees)
Parking, if needed estimated at $120 for summer, $175 for fall, $175 for spring

When your in-person registration is complete, you will be given a fee remission card to take to the cashier for payment of fees. Payment needs to be made on the date of registration to avoid late fees or other penalties.

How to register

Summer registration am take place online. Keep checking the website for more details. 

Registration takes place each semester from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in Polsky 467. 

Before you come to registration:

  1. complete and return the application form if you are new to the program, and
  2. prepare a list of courses you would like to audit and bring this list with you.

The registration dates for the coming semesters are:

Fall 2020

August 20-21, registration (audit)

Spring 2021

January 14-15, registration (audit)

Summer 2020

May 14-15, registration (audit)

Note: This tuition and general service fee exemption does not apply to noncredit Continuing Education (Akron Solutions) courses.

Types of enrollment

What is 60+ Option A - audit?

Developed in accordance with State Law 3345.27 which was passed in 1976, the Sixty-Plus Program provides Ohio residents age 60 and older the opportunity to AUDIT credit classes on a space available, non-tuition basis. Sixty-Plus students are exempt from payment of tuition and general service fees, but are expected to pay for any books, laboratory or instructional fees and parking, if needed. Auditing allows students to attend classes but college credit is not awarded. Participants may audit up to three classes per semester or term.

APPLICATION GUIDELINES for Option A – Auditing Basis

Please return the application as soon as possible and at least ONE WEEK PRIOR to In-Person registration. This form must be completed for all first-time Sixty-Plus participants and for those who have not attended classes in the last five years.

What is 60+ Option B - for credit?

In accordance with Revised Code 3345.27, passed in 1998, the Sixty-Plus Program may permit an enrollee to receive credit, provided the individual’s family income is less than 200 percent of the federal poverty guideline, as revised annually by the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services for a family size equal to the size of the family of the person whose income is being determined.

Under this credit option, income-eligible Sixty-Plus participants may enroll for 11 or fewer credits exempt from payment of tuition and general service fees.  Sixty-Plus students will be expected to pay for any books, laboratory or instructional fees and parking, if needed.

APPLICATION GUIDELINES for Option B (selective, income-based criteria)

Please return the application and income verification materials as soon as possible, and at least 30 days prior to In-Person Registration.  This application form must be completed for all first-time Sixty-Plus participants and for those who have not attended classes in the last five years AND for those switching from Option A to Option B.  Sixty-Plus enrollees will receive credit for classes ONLY IF they have: 

  1. submitted all pertinent information according to deadline stated above, and
  2. an income level which meets the stated guidelines and is approved by the Sixty-Plus staff.

In addition, income-eligible Sixty-Plus students seeking credit must declare the credit choice at the time of registration.  Credit requested on a retroactive basis will be denied.  In order to receive credit, a Sixty-Plus applicant must meet all admissions criteria for matriculation into the degree program of choice, including a high school diploma or GED. 


Paying your bill

  1. Pay any fees that are due.
  2. You need to pay your bill on the day of registration.
  3. If you do not pay your bill, you may be withdrawn from your classes for non-payment. If you have decided not to attend, you must withdraw from the course. If you do not drop your classes, and have a balance due, you will be sent an eBill notification to your UA email address. If those bills are not paid, your account will be turned over to the Ohio Attorney General. We cannot retroactively withdraw you from your course if it goes to the Ohio Attorney General.

What if I decide to drop my class?

Contact the 60+ coordinator within the first two weeks of the semester (spring and fall). If you're taking a summer class, you cannot drop the class after the second day.

How do I apply and register?

If you are interested in applying to The University of Akron, you can download a Sixty-Plus (60+) application or request a form by calling or 330-972-5793. Once completed, submit the Sixty+ application form to Adult Focus. Upon verification, you will be eligible to register for classes on the next available registration date.  Please note that registration for classes for the semester must be completed during the in-person registration days, regardless of the class start date. For instance, courses that begin in the later half of the semester must be registered for during in-person registration dates prior to the start of the semester. 

Members of the Sixty Plus (60+) advisory board are available to assist you during the registration process. You may consult with advisory board members before selecting your classes to determine available days and times.

Do I need a Parking Permit?

If you are planning on parking on campus, yes. Your permit may be purchased and picked up at the time of registration from the Admissions Representative, or purchased and picked up in the Parking Office. Parking Permits are $120 for the summer and $175 for fall and spring.  Note that a parking ticket carries a fine of $25 or more.

You may also purchase a one-day permit (if needed) in the Parking Office. Be aware that parking tickets may be issued if the appropriate parking permit is not displayed in your vehicle. Contact the Parking Office at 330-972-7213 for more information.

How do I know what books I need?

  1. Go to the campus Barnes and Noble website
  2. Click on TEXTBOOKS on the top left
  3. Select the TERM
  4. Select the DEPARTMENT (the first four digit number in our course number)
  5. select the COURSE (the three digit number in the middle)
  6. Select the SESSION (the last three digit number)
  8. Get all of the information – author, title, edition and ISBN number. It will also list the new, used and rental costs for the book at UA’s bookstore.

Where do I buy my books?

Barnes & Noble Bookstore – First Floor of the Student Union IF the course is offered on the
Main Campus EXCEPT for the majors listed below.

Barnes & Noble POLSKY – Books for Summit College, College of Business, Speech
Pathology/Audiology, Social Work, and the General Education classes ONLY.

Wayne College Bookstore – only the courses taught at Wayne Campus in Orrville.

You may also visit any of the bookstores near the university who sell our textbooks or you may buy them online.

If I decide to take a term off may I still use the Student Recreation and Wellness Center?

No. The Rec Center may only be used by current students. If you are not taking classes, then you are not a student.

Do I need to re-apply each term?

No, but if you have not attended the program in two years we ask that you re-apply to be sure that we have the correct information.

I have my UANet ID (not to be confused with your student number). How do I get my password?

Call the Support Desk at 330-972-6888. You will not be able to get it until the day after you have been assigned your UANet ID. So, if you applied in person when you registered you will need to wait until the next day to get your password.

I am going to miss a class should I call the instructor?

Follow the instructor’s instructions on the syllabus.


Call Adult Focus at 330-972-5793 and ask for the 60+ coordinator or send an email inquiry to:

What services are available to Sixty Plus (60+) students?

Participation in the Sixty-Plus (60+) Program gives participants a University student ID card and full access to all university facilities including:

University Libraries
Bierce Library
Law Library
Science and Technology Library

Student Recreation and Wellness Center

Ocasek Natatorium

Student Union Food Court

Crystal Room

Art Galleries - Locations
Emily Davis Gallery in Folk Hall 
Guzetta Hall Atrium

Performing Arts
E.J. Thomas Performing Arts Hall

Guzzetta Performing Arts Box Office

Speech and Hearing Center
Offers a wide range of services to University of Akron students.