UA is lowest in student debt in state


Students at UA enter the work world with less student-loan debt on average than their counterparts at any other public Ohio university.

Akron students also carry less debt on average than students across the nation.

“Akron is a great value,” said Jim Tressel, vice president for student success. “Students here leave with less debt, and they’re uniquely prepared to excel in the workplace — another important factor in considering the value of a college education.”

The findings are in a new report by the Institute for College Access and Success.

Average student debt

The report comes shortly after UA was identified as having the best lifetime return on investment of any public university in Northeast Ohio.

Academics and placement

UA offers degree programs that are in demand, an array of internship and co-op opportunities, and a competitive cost. All contribute to lower student debt after graduation, Tressel said.

The average student loan debt for Akron students is $5,645 less than the state average and $6,008 below the national average.

Tuition costs nationwide have been rising as state support for universities has declined.

Speaking in Cleveland yesterday, UA President Luis Proenza pointed out that universities in Ohio are teaching 45 percent more students for essentially the same expenditure of funds as a decade ago.


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