Bachelor of Organizational Supervision


Put your education to work for you with a Bachelor of Organizational Supervision (BOS)degree from The University of Akron.

The BOS is a unique program, specifically designed for students who already have an associate degree or have completed college courses totaling at least 60 credit hours.

This bachelor's degree is the next step for people who:

  • need a bachelor’s degree to advance their career;
  • want a degree that teaches leadership and supervisory skills;
  • want a degree that applies to a variety of professions;
  • need classes offered at times that won’t conflict with work schedules; or
  • always wanted to earn a bachelor’s degree.

Best of all, the program can be completed in as little as two years. 

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Our Faculty

  • are innovative and interactive
    use multimedia technology to enhance classroom learning

Akron Advantage

The program is offered at several locations across the region.

Sample Curriculum

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For More Information:

School of Communication

Contact: Dr. Heather Walter

Career Opportunities

In an age of globalization and an increasingly competitive marketplace, employers put a greater value on education now than at any other time in our history.

Bachelor’s degree fast facts:

  • In recent years, the average college graduate with only a bachelor's degree earned $78,000, compared to $45,000 for those with only a high school diploma. A typical college graduate earns a premium of well over $30,000, or nearly 75 percent. Source: Inside Higher Ed

  • Hiring for bachelor’s degree-level positions has increased 7 percent and represents the greatest growth in hiring across all degree levels. (Michigan State University. 2011-2012 Recruiting Trends report.)

Career Services

Career Services is located in Student Union 211, with another office in College of Arts and Sciences Building 126. Career Services provides career coaching and programming, and develops valuable relationships with employers and campus partners to provide students with many opportunities for experiential learning and career development.