Biomedical Science

Biomedical Science Fundamentals

The biomedical science major provides for a broad background in science with concentrations in biology, chemistry, math and physics. 

This major is appropriate for those preparing for admission to professional programs in medicine, dentistry, or veterinary science, or for those seeking a Liberal Arts degree with a general emphasis on science, or for students seeking a wide variety of health care professional career paths. 

Professional Preparation

Additional coursework and experiences are often necessary for those planning to continue their study at the graduate level in a particular scientific field. Students are encouraged to consult with UA’s pre-professional health advisor ( for more information about professional school and graduate school requirements.

Our Faculty 

The Biomedical Science faculty members at The University of Akron are leaders in their discipline as well as innovative and student-centered. They are members of the departments of biology, chemistry, mathematics, statistics and physics. 

Akron Advantage

Hands-on Research

The biomedical science major will prepare you to:

  • analyze and interpret scientific material
  • present scientific or health care-related information clearly and persuasively
  • imagine and evaluate alternative ideas
  • use research to more effectively address scientific problems

Real-world Experience

Gain practical professional experience through research with faculty or through volunteer or shadowing experiences arranged through UA's Career Services office. These experiences improve your chances of securing the professional school acceptance or career position you seek upon graduation.

Sample Curriculum

B.S. in Biomedical Science

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For More Information:

Biomedical Science

Contact: BCAS Advising

Career Opportunities

Degrees and Preparation

A degree in biomedical science paves the way to a variety of career opportunities, many of them in the science and health care fields.

Pre-Professional Health Advising

Pre-Professional Health Advising is not directly linked to any particular major, but rather it is designed for students in any discipline or college. Pre-health students have unique advising needs due to the competitive nature of professional schools and the varying admission criteria. Pre-Professional Health Advising provides the following resources to help students to become competitive applicants:

  • Guidance on admission criteria
  • Sequencing of courses
  • Application assistance
  • Long term planning
  • Access to current information
  • Guidance on co-curricular activities

Career Services

Career Services is located in Student Union 211, with another office in College of Arts and Sciences Building 126. Career Services provides career coaching and programming, and develops valuable relationships with employers and campus partners to provide students with many opportunities for experiential learning and career development.