STARS Tutorials

The Office of Accessibility provides student user guides and tutorials for the Student Testing and Accommodation Request System (STARS). If you have any questions, please contact the office at (330) 972-7928 (voice), (330) 972-5764 (TTY) or

STARS Profile Tutorials

Update Profile (PDF)

Accommodation Tutorials

Request Accommodation Letters (PDF) (Video)

Edit Accommodation Requests (Video)

Check the Status of Accommodation Letters (PDF

Check the Status of Equipment (PDF)

Check the Status of Alternative Media (PDF)

Download Alternative Media (PDF)

Custom Request Tutorials

Request Interpreter or Transcriber (PDF)

Exam Tutorials

Schedule, Modify, or Cancel an Exam (PDF)

Schedule an Exam Request (Video)

Cancel an Exam Request (Video)

Submit a Late Exam Request (Video)

Modify an Exam Request (Video)

Uploading Exam to STARS (PDF)

Notetaking Tutorials

Do I Have a Notetaker? (PDF)

Downloading Electronic Notes (PDF) (Video)

Uploading Electronic Notes (PDF) (Video)

Signing your Notetaking Invoice - Student (PDF) (Video)

Signing your Notetaking Invoice - Notetaker (PDF) (Video)