Peer Assistance for Support and Success (PASS)

The mission of The Office of Accessibility’s Peer Assistance for Support and Success (PASS) program is for students with disabilities to get involved on campus, get connected with campus resources, feel supported, and learn invaluable skills and strategies to ensure, not only academic success, but lifelong success. The program promotes inclusivity through workshops and events each semester.

Are you in need of strategies that will help make “adulting” easier? Do you feel like it takes more work and energy than it should to arrive to class on time, keep track of your belongings, and manage your day-to-day responsibilities as a college student? The Office of Accessibility and The School of Speech-Language Pathology are teaming up to provide University of Akron students with an opportunity to understand their individual executive skill strengths and weaknesses, as well as to learn how to compensate for those pesky weaknesses. Executive function skills are the high-level, brain-based skills that support your ability to be an independent adult. Each of us have our own set of executive strengths and weaknesses, but some students might find that their executive weaknesses hinder them more than others. If you can relate, please join our graduate students in speech-language pathology who will be presenting to you during an interactive and virtual workshop, which will take place on October 7th from 1-3pm in WebEx.

Join us for a Virtual Coping Skills Workshop on Wednesday, October 15th from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. in Microsoft Teams. The Virtual Coping Skills Workshop is hosted by The Office of Accessibility and The Counseling & Testing Center. It is open to ALL University of Akron faculty, staff, and students. The workshop, led by Matt Altiere, Psychologist and Senior Associate Director of the Counseling and Testing Center, will help UA members build essential coping skills, such as guided meditation, mindfulness, and muscle relaxation, needed during busy, stressful, and worrisome times. Time will be reserved at the end for questions. 

If you were unable to attend the Virtual Executive Functioning Workshop but still would like to learn about resources to improve your executive functioning skills, view the handouts provided below from the event which list apps and additional UA resources to assist in improving executive functioning skills.

UA Resources

External Aid Apps