The University of Akron

Maps, directions and parking

Tips and information for prospective students visiting campus

Popular destinations for prospective students

  • Simmons Hall (show on map) is where the Office of Admissions is located, along with Financial Aid, Advising and many other student services.
  • The Student Union (map) hosts large admissions events such as our summer and fall visit days. If you are to attend one of these events, Admissions will send parking instructions.

GPS addresses to main campus

Simmons Hall
277 E. Buchtel Ave.
Akron, OH 44325

Student Union
303 Carroll St.
Akron, OH 44325

Parking passes

Park for free | Make an appointment to visit through the Office of Admissions and the office will send you a placard that will allow you to park for free in any commuter lot on campus, including the North Campus Parking Deck (show on map). The deck is immediately west of Simmons Hall, where Admissions is located.

Call Admissions at 330-972-7100 or 1-800-655-4884.

Other options for visitors | A daylong visitor parking pass is $6. In addition, there are metered spaces on campus, and a gated visitors' lot on Buchtel Avenue in the campus center, where you can pay by the hour. More information about these options.

Where to park

  • I'm visiting Simmons Hall | We recommend that you park in the North Campus Parking Deck (map).
  • I'm visiting the Student Union | We recommend the Exchange Street Parking Deck (map), the South Campus Parking Deck (map) or the East Campus Parking Deck (map).
  • I just want to see campus | See our campus map and visitor parking information.

What to do when in Akron

The city of Akron offers a vibrant downtown, serene parks, and events and venues that appeal to almost every interest. Get a a taste of what you can discover in Akron and the region during your visit.

Mileage to UA from selected cities

Athens 180 Atlanta 710
Canton 24 Baltimore 345
Chillicothe 172 Boston 650
Cincinnati 238 Charlotte 480
Cleveland 35 Chicago 365
Columbus 127 Detroit 180
Dayton 200 Erie, Pa. 135
Lima 155 Indianapolis 305
Mansfield 63 Minneapolis 790
Marietta 130 Nashville 515
Orrville 30 New York City 455
Sandusky 85 Newark 480
Steubenville 85 Pittsburgh 120
Toledo 125 Philadelphia 475
Youngstown 50 St. Louis 555
    Richmond,Va. 455
    Washington, D.C. 345
    Wheeling, W.V. 132

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