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Research Spotlight: Mary Schiller Myers School of Art

UA’s Metalsmithing Program goes extreme

Bloomberg Business reports that UA’s Jewelry and Metalsmithing Program is featured in OnlineSchoolsCenter.com’s list of “15 Most Extreme College Majors.” Among others on the list: the aerospace engineering program at Stanford University, the fermentation sciences program at Colorado State University, and the robotics program at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Learn More

Student Spotlight

Daniel Rhoads

Graduate Applied Mathematics Student receives 2nd Place

Applied Mathematics graduate student Daniel Rhoads receives second place in Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics contest, Math Matters, Apply It!.  The goal of the campaign is to teach how mathematics can be applied in everyday life.  Daniel, collaborating with Mathematics faculty Joseph Wilder  and Physics faculty Jutta Luettmer-Strathmann, explained utilization of numerical methods to optimize design of organic solar cells and explained their importance – organic solar cells are a promising source of renewable energy for the future once their efficiency has improved enough for large-scale implementation. 

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