Research Spotlight: Bliss Institute Professors Explore Buckeye Politics

"Buckeye Battleground: Ohio, Campaigns, and Elections in the Twenty-First Century," a book authored by Bliss Institute professors Daniel Coffey, John Green, David Cohen and Stephen Brooks, is a comprehensive compendium of information on national elections in the context of Ohio politics.

"Ohio is, and has been, a key battleground state in presidential elections," says Green. "There is every reason to expect that it will be again in 2012."

Buckeye Battleground is a valuable resource for students, reporters and scholars who want to understand the special role of Ohio in presidential politics.

"More than any other large state, Ohio is a microcosm of the American electorate," notes Green. "Both parties will wage a fierce campaign to win the state."

A product of the nationally known Ray C. Bliss Institute of Applied Politics at The University of Akron, the work is divided into six chapters: "Buckeye Battleground," "Region and the Vote: The Five Ohios," "The Political Impact of Demography," "Attitudes and Political Choice," "Campaigns and Voting in the Battleground" and "A Look to the Future of the Buckeye Battleground." More than 80 figures and tables accompany the analysis.