Professional Workshop Series

Marketing majors will complete three blocks of classes. The first block is the foundation set of four courses that all marketing students must complete. The second block is the concentration, marketing management, sales management or integrated marketing communications. The third block is the professional experience. As a part of the professional experience, students will have a choice between 3 credit Internship or three 1-credit professional workshops.

The Professional Workshops will be taught by area business executives and will explore specific cutting edge marketing topics in-depth from an executive perspective. A description of each workshop and the time it will be offered is listed below. If you choose to take one or more of the workshops listed below, please note the section number, return to registration and complete the sign-up. The Monday and Wednesday workshops will run for five weeks. The Saturday workshops will run for two weeks.

View a PowerPoint presentation designed for workshop instructors.

Spring 2018 Professional Workshops in Marketing

Introduction to Digital Video Production for Marketing (13486 6600:491-984)

Time: Saturday 9:00 am – 4:30 pm
Instructor: Michael Adams, Owner, Digital Chops
Meeting Dates: 4/14/2018 & 4/21/2018
Workshop Description: In the world of digital marketing, there’s no doubt content is king. With Snapchat and Instagram, Periscope and Twitch, YouTube and Facebook, Netflix and Hulu--consumers are enjoying more video content than ever before; and marketers are looking for more ways to incorporate video into strategy. But could it be as easy as pressing record on your smartphone? In this workshop, we’ll look at professional tools and fundamentals of video production, as well as analyze creative uses of the medium in marketing campaigns.

In this workshop, Students can expect to learn:

  • How professionals get the most out of their cameras
  • How a shoot looks and works
  • Editing tools and effects
  • The process from pitch to export

Fall 2018 Professional Workshops in Marketing

Mobile Marketing: Develop a Cutting-Edge Strategy from Apps to Wearables (74217 6600:491-981)

Time: Saturday 9:00 am – 4:30 pm
Instructor: Jeff Staats, Owner, SpinVista Marketing
Meeting Dates: 9/8/2018 & 9/15/2018
Workshop Description: 89% of ages check their phones immediately after waking up! 68% do not go an hour without checking their phones. We are quickly evolving into a mobile world. As a result, the way brands connect with consumers is rapidly changing and companies need to think "mobile first". This has created exciting opportunities and new channnels for marketers, but definitely doesn't come without its challenges. Smartphone users, armed with 24/7 internet access, wearable technology, location-finding software and an ever-growing list of social media outlets, continue to demand immediate attention to their needs, personalized offers and more ways to voice their opinions.

In this workshop, we will review current companies' mobile strategies and look to tackle the following topics:

  • Learn about the mobile consumer and "new" mobile industry
  • Get an understanding of how to think "mobile" first in a sales or marketing role
  • Learn most effective ways to track, measure and optimize mobile tactics -QR codes, users, and conversions
  • Introduction to new mobile strategies, including wearable technology
  • Build a mobile app through a sales/marketing point of view

Digital Marketing for B2B Marketers (73892 6600:491-982)

Time: Saturday 9:00 am – 4:30 pm
Instructor: Sean Wenger, EVP, Client Services, Fathom
Meeting Dates: 9/29/2018 & 10/6/2018
Workshop Description: Driving impact to your customers through digital marketing should be built on a strong foundation of knowledge about their business. The top marketers not only have a mastery of marketing, but also business strategy. Your ability to interact and tie marketing practices to your customers' business strategy will be the difference between a vendor and a partner relationship.

In this workshop, we will review several keys to success in B2B marketing while applying a hands-on consultative approach. Through the course of this workshop, students will cover the following topics:

  • Explore concepts and best practices in B2B digital marketing
  • Evaluate underlying business strategies
  • Apply consultative approach to concepts and tactics
  • Review case studies highlighting specific strategies
  • Build and present marketing strategy canvas

Content Marketing: Bridging the Gap between Marketing, Sales and the Consumer Experience (73891 6600:491-983)

Time: Saturday 9:00 am – 4:30 pm
Instructor: Eric Kinaitis, VP - Marketing & Communications, American Endowment Foundation
Meeting Dates: 10/20/2018 & 10/27/2018
Workshop Description:The workshop will look at the role of content marketing in the B2B and B2C arenas and how it integrates with traditional concepts of sales and marketing. Analysis will include a history of content marketing, the role it plays in educating prospects on a topic, and how it aids in turning inquiries into sales.

Topics to be covered and discussed will include:

  • An analysis and understanding of the broad range of content marketing
  • Understanding the concept of owned, earned and bought media
  • The defining and development of the buyer persona and the data involved in determining that
  • The collaboration of marketing, sales and customer service insights to derive relevant content
  • The ability to use metrics to measure and guide prospects through the information gathering process toward a sales conclusion

Through lecture, class discussion, and a focus on real-life examples, students will determine and understand the value of content marketing and its intent of achieving bottom line results for business performance.

Marketing in the Public Sector (74880 6600:491-984)

Time: Saturday 9:00 am – 4:30 pm
Instructor: Nathan Eppink, Capital Projects Coordinator, Medina County Park District
Meeting Dates: 11/10/2018 & 11/17/2018
Workshop Description: Persuasion isn't exclusive to the business world. Marketing, Public Relations, and Communication professionals are employed locally in the public sector, which includes cities, school disctrics, libraries, zoos, park districts, mass-transit agencies and other tax-supported organizations. Increasingly, public agencies face unique challenges such as shrinking budgets and increased scrutiny. So how do public-sector marketing executives proactively promote organizations, develop content and measure success?

In this workshop, participants will:

  • Learn how the 4Ps of marketing apply to the public sector
  • Understand how to utilize public polls and measure perceptions
  • Discover several ways audiences can be targeted
  • Learn how to effectively communicate during a crisis
  • Hear from local experts about best practices

Eppink has more than 17 years of public agency experience, most of which has been in marketing and public relations.