Master of Science in Management: Management Training for Technology Professionals

The Master of Science in Management (MSM) prepares students who are employed in technical fields or those who wish to work in technology with the skills to manage technical functions. This graduate degree offers two options:

MSM Program Components

Foundation Courses

MSM Foundation courses provide fundamental business knowledge for students who do not have undergraduate degrees in business. However, some students with undergraduate business coursework could be required to take Foundation courses if the courses previously taken are not comparable to CoB classes, if the classes were taken more than six years ago, or if the student received grades in the courses were below “B.”

CoB Graduate Programs advisers can assess your transcript before you submit the application so that you can determine what classes you will need to take. This will involve a review of transcripts or grade reports for all previous universities attended. Contact an adviser at to arrange a transcript assessment. We also offer waiver examinations so that you have the opportunity to prove your knowledge of a particular subject. If you pass the waiver exam the course will be waived, reducing your program requirements. If there is doubt about academic equivalence of courses, we will require the waiver exam.

Management Core Courses

Management Core courses build on the Foundation coursework to provide students with in-depth exposure to the management field.

Concentration Courses

These courses are designed to give the student specialized skills in Information Systems Management or Technological Innovation.