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Payroll forms:

  • Form SSA-1945 - Employment in a Job Not Covered by Social Security
  • Work Locality Notification Form 

    It is the employee’s responsibility to ensure your work location on record is accurate and up to date.  If you have an active Flexible Work Arrangement on file and your remote work location changes, you must notify the Payroll Office by completing the online Work Locality Notification Form.  If you are a bargaining unit faculty member or PT faculty, you may also use this form to notify the Payroll Office of any changes in your work location.

Federal and state tax forms

Retirement Information and    Forms:

  • OPERS Electronic Student Exemption Process  The Payroll Office will submit a newly hired student’s name, SSN, phone number, email address, home address and employment begin date to OPERS.  If submitted within 30 days of their employment start date, OPERS will send an email and text message (if cell phone number is available) that includes a customized web page link to the student.  If the student elects to opt-out of OPERS, the employer and the student will receive an email confirmation for their records.  The student will receive a reminder email and text on the 27th day if there is no action taken.  If the student does not exempt, the status will remain pending until the 30-day window is closed and will then update to non-exempt.  It is vital that when hiring student employees, supervisors submit a Student Employment New Hire form to Career Services/Student Employment in a prompt and timely manner.  Students have 30 days from their employment start date to opt-out of OPERS membership.  If a student does not opt-out within 30 days, they will automatically be enrolled in OPERS and will NOT have the option of requesting exemption until there is a break in employment of at least 365 days.  This process also includes graduate level student assistants and graduate assistants.  Before a student opts-out of OPERS, they should consider that the service credit earned while in college counts towards retirement if they become employed in the public sector during their career.  Information regarding the benefits of OPERS membership can be found at or by calling 1-800-222-7377 to speak with a member services representative.
  • Rehired Retiree Notification Form This form must be completed and sent to Payroll within 10 days of the first date of employment by an employee receiving a benefit from an Ohio state retirement system or the Cincinnati Retirement System.
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant Retirement Options
  • Summer Graduate and Student Assistant Employment  Graduate and Student Assistant Summer Exemption from Retirement/Medicare  Criteria for student assistants and graduate assistants to be exempt from paying into one of the state retirement systems and Medicare during summer employment. 
  • SERS Exemption Form
  • SERS Refund Application  After you have terminated your employment, you may apply for a refund of your SERS accumulated contributions. SERS will not issue a refund before three months after the termination of employment.  The contributions are subject to taxes on payment unless you roll over the contributions to another tax-exempt plan as permitted under federal tax law.  For more information regarding SERS' refund payment process, the tax implications of receiving a refund and the refund application, please visit the SERS website at