Psychological Assessment for UA Students

The CTC offers psychological assessment services to students currently enrolled in credits at the University of Akron. Assessments include those for the purpose of disability determination, clinical assessment with ongoing psychologist or psychology trainee for treatment planning, and career interest inventories.

Assessment and diagnosis for the purpose of disability determination is available for academic difficulties (e.g., Specific Learning Disorders and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, ASD).

  • These assessments require time commitment on the part of the student and center.
  • Due to high demand and significant time associated with this service, students should expect to wait to begin assessment process.
  • Students must complete an intake and be referred for assessment with a psychologist or psychology intern, before completing a number of appointments and paperwork that may take several weeks to complete.
  • Fees are required to complete assessment, due to the cost for provision. Fees for disability assessment range from $150 to $250 and are due after completing assessment interview, prior to starting any testing.
  • Assessment may require observer paperwork (e.g. parent or caregiver from childhood, current significant other or roommate, other professionals providing care for student).
  • At the end of the assessment process, students will be provided a comprehensive confidential report. No information, including verification of attendance, outcomes of assessment, or documentation, may be shared outside the center without the student’s written consent.
    • Documentation provided at CTC is intended to meet standard for the Office of Accessibility guidelines, as well as NCAA regulations for medication. It is not guaranteed to meet requirements for any off-campus agencies, including but not limited to Social Security or forensic evaluations required by courts.
  • Referrals for outside agencies are available if students prefer to select another agency, or for individuals who are not enrolled at UA.

Clinical and career assessments are only provided within an ongoing counseling relationship at the CTC. Fees may be required and will be discussed with students prior to any testing. These assessments are not provided for the purpose of diagnostic documentation.

For more information, contact the CTC at 330-972-7082.