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Welcome to Dance Institute

Celebrating over 40 years of Dance

Dance Institute of The University of Akron is a pre-professional dance program founded in 1967 and nationally recognized for its excellent faculty and successful students. Its ballet-based curriculum for children age 7 through high school offers rigorous training in ballet, pointe, jazz, and tap, and its summer intensives also include concentrations in modern, ballroom/character, and hip-hop. Dance Institute prepares students for careers in dance performance and dance education. Dance Institute’s faculty and guest teachers represent extensive academic scholarship and professional performing experience, and many decades of teaching expertise. Dance Institute’s training emphasizes the  artistic development, technical proficiency, and positive dance experience of each student, and the physical, educational and creative value of dance training.

Dance Institute believes that physical and mental health is enhanced through dance training. The synthesis of movement and music is a valuable and important experience for body, mind and spirit. Dance Institute students build strength and control of their bodies while also building mental dexterity, determination and discipline. Motor skills are heightened and strengthened and aesthetic sensibilities are developed and enhanced through our carefully designed program. The physical, mental and personal discipline afforded by such training is of value not only in the student’s efforts to excel in dance, but can be applied to all aspects of their life, into and throughout adulthood.

In addition to its pre-professional program, Dance Institute offers introductory dance classes for children ages 5-7 and recreational non-credit evening dance and conditioning classes for adults, teens and children ages 7-12. All Dance Institute classes are held in the seven technology-enhanced studios of the spectacular Center for Dance and Theatre at Guzzetta Hall located on The University of Akron campus.

The University of Akron is an institutionally accredited member of the
National Association of Schools of Dance (NASD).

Christina Foisie
Manager, Dance Institute

Leslie Sullivan DelPrince
Assistant Manager, Dance Institute