Eligibility requirements for UA exchange programs

General eligibility requirements

The following are the minimum eligibility requirements for UA exchange programs. Specific programs may have slightly different requirements, in which case those requirements are indicated on the individual program information page.

  • Age 18
  • Minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA
  • Full-time, degree-seeking student
  • Sophomore class standing or higher at the time of participation
  • Meet requirements specified by the host institution
  • Meet language proficiency requirement, if applicable

New guidelines for travel during Covid:

These apply to individual students for travel during the semester or summer.

  • You may apply to approved destinations.
    • Destinations are pending approval by International Center. UA will not approve travel to a destination with CDC Covid-19/DOS level 4.
  • You will also enroll for classes here at UA.
    • Once you've departed, we will convert enrollment to the EA place holder course. (This prevents you from missing the chance to enroll if your program is cancelled.)
  • You must meet entry guidelines for destination country.
    • Quarantining, testing, etc. is at your own cost. The same for regulations set by airlines/hotels/residence halls, etc.
  • Education Abroad upholds UA’s mandated vaccine policy.


Compiling your application materials takes time, so plan ahead accordingly.

Annual deadlines for UA Exchange Programs:

  • Oct. 1 - Spring semester
  • March 1 - Fall semester and full academic year

Other deadlines vary for third-party, direct enroll and UA faculty-led programs. Check with the program provider or UA program leader for details.