FIRST Lego League

Fall 2016 Challenge

In the ANIMAL ALLIES Challenge, teams will explore the interactions between humans and animals and how to make them better.

District Tournament Results

The FIRST Lego and Jr. FIRST Lego District Tournaments were held at the UA Student Union on January 9, 2016.  Twenty-nine teams from Northeast Ohio participated in the competition, and the top 10 teams advanced to the State Competition that will take place in Dayton in February. 

State FIRST Lego League Tournament Results

We would like to recognize some of the teams that represented Northeast Ohio at the State FIRST Lego League Tournament in Dayton, February 6-7, 2016.

  • Coaches Award - Michelle Williams, Symphonic 8
  • Martin Luther King Award - Smart Cookies.
  • Presentation, 1st Place - BORG
  • Mechanical Design, 2nd Place - Brain Bots
  • Inspiration Award, 2nd Place - Tuxedo 7
  • Gracious Professionalism Award, 2nd Place - Crazy Rhinos
  • Gracious Professionalism, 1st Place - Smart Cookies
  • Champions Award, 2nd Place - RoboBacon

Congratulations to RoboBacon on their advancement! Good luck in Arkansas.

RoboBacon, Champions Awards, 2nd place