Akron Council of Education Students (ACES)

ACES members in gray tshirts

ACES Leadership

President Colleen Brennan
Historian Nina Barnes
Faculty Advisor Dr. Lynne Pachnowski

What is ACES?

ACES is a student organization dedicated to enhancing communications between education students by promoting fellowship and supplement professional training through extra and co-curricular activities related to education. As an adjunct to classroom coursework and service learning, members will ​meet to explore mutual areas of concern or interest in attitudes and outlooks necessary to becoming effective professional educators.

For more information about ACES, to see the calendar of upcoming events, and to join, go to our official website on OrgSync.

Here's what you might have missed...

Open Forums

On April 9, a special guest speaker from the Ohio Educators Association presented the dos and don'ts of being a teacher and how to keep your licensure, all from the perspective of an OEA representative.
On Monday, March 4, 2019, members participated in a discussion about Classroom Management
February 18, 2019 | Discussion with Austin Marsh, OSEA Liaison and USG Education Senator
On February 13, Brandi Davis, principal of the I PROMISE School, spoke on campus as part of the UA Leads Series.