BME Research

Research Focus Areas

Our faculty members have diverse research interests focused on establishing engineering principles and developing cutting-edge technologies to solve a host of medical and biomedical problems. Faculty research labs are listed below:

  • Autonomous Systems Laboratory (Director: Dr. Ajay Mahajan)
    • The laboratory is home to research in robotics, intelligent systems, controls, structural health monitoring, biomedical devices and low-cost remote monitoring platforms.
  • BioEngineering for Translational Applications Laboratory-BETA Lab (Director: Dr. Hossein Ravanbakhsh)
    • The BETA Lab is focused on functional biomaterials and biofabrication technologies for tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, and therapeutic applications.
  • Human Factors Engineering Lab (Director: Dr. Chen Ling)
    • The Human Factors Engineering Lab studies the complex interactions between human operator and other system elements in order to enhance system safety and efficiency.
  • Interventional Robotics Laboratory (Director: Dr. Sang-Eun Song)
    • The lab focuses on the development of robotics towards a variety of surgical applications and improving telehealth outcomes.
  • Leipzig Bioengineering Group (Director: Dr. Nic Leipzig)
    • As a lab, our research is geared towards enabling new approaches for tissue engineering and regenerative therapies with the primary objective of advancing clinical treatments for diseases and injuries.
  • Signals Lab (Director: Dr. Buket Barkana)
  • Stem Cell & Tissue Engineering Laboratory (Director: Dr. Ge Zhang)
  • Tissue Engineering Microtechnologies (Director: Dr. Hossein Tavana)
    • The lab is centered on developing novel tissue engineering microtechnologies for cancer and lung research. These interdisciplinary projects are funded by NIH, NSF, and DoD, and involve both experimental and computational aspects, and collaboration with engineering, medical, and clinical investigators.

The department also conducts several research initiatives focused on connecting basic science and engineering research with clinical applications. These efforts are bolstered by the department's partnerships with local area hospitals and other biomedical institutes in Northeast Ohio.