Bridge-Up Coursework 

Applicants with a bachelor’s degree in a discipline other than engineering shall have completed coursework in calculus, differential equations, have one year of classical physics, and must select and complete undergraduate coursework from the list below according to their background and interests. These undergraduate engineering courses may be taken prior to graduate admission, or concurrently if the student has full admission or provisional admission, and is enrolled for at least 9 graduate credits.

4600:300 Thermodynamics I 4
4600:301 Thermodynamics II 3
4600:311 Fluid Mechanics II 3
4600:315 Heat Transfer 3
4600:336 Analysis of Mechanical Components 3
4600:340 System Dynamics & Response 3
4600:380 Mechanical Metallurgy 2
4600:431 Fundamental of Mechanical Vibrations 3
4600:441 Control System Design 3

Total 27