Dr. Joan Carletta

Dr. Joan Carletta

Title: Professor and Associate Dean
Dept/Program: Engineering and Polymer Science Dean's Office
Office: ASEC 205B
Phone: 330-972-7691
Email: carlett@uakron.edu


Dr. Joan Carletta joined the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Akron in 1999, where she now holds the rank of Professor. She is a Senior Member of IEEE, and a Member of the Association for Computing Machinery.  In 2009, she was on the team that won the Moody Award from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers’ Fluids Engineering Division (with Dr. J. Zhe, and students S. Murali, X. Xiu, and A. Jagtiani). She has received funding from a variety of sources, including the National Science Foundation and industry.


Embedded systems design, implementation of digital signal processing algorithms on embedded platforms using fixed-point mathematics, design of analog electronics, embedded real-time implementation of tone-mapping algorithms for high dynamic range images, digital image correlation techniques for monitoring the health of civil engineering structures


  • Ph.D. in Computer Engineering, Case Western Reserve University 1995
  • B.S. in Electrical Engineering, State University of New York at Buffalo 1988