Society of Akron Graduate English Scholars

The Society of Graduate English Scholars, better known as SAGES, is a student organization open to all English graduate students. Our focus is to help English graduate students of all tracks (Composition, Creative Writing, and Literature) develop professionally during their time at the University of Akron by providing tools to help them publish, present, and prepare for the future. SAGES also strives to promote unity among the English graduate students by planning events and providing resources that benefit scholars of all three tracks. Graduate students from other universities in the NEOMFA Consortium are also welcome to attend our events. We also try to work with the undergraduate Upstart Crows. If you are interested in joining or wish to know more, you can contact one of the officers/advisors, email us, or drop by the English Department for more information. Some of our usual events include: book sales, workshops for graduate and undergraduate students and our annual conference in the spring.

Upcoming SAGES Conference: April 1, 2022

If you would like to participate in the conference, see our Call for Papers here! 




All SAGES events are open to any UA graduate student. 


President: Mary Ozbolt
Vice President: Sam Imperi
Treasurer: Lily Hunger

Advisor: Dr. Hillary Nunn

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