Society of Akron Graduate English Scholars



Professional Development Workshops

All SAGES events are open to any UA graduate student. Professional Development workshops meet the first Thursday of every month.


President: Rebecca Ligon
Vice President: Maya Cope-Crisford
Treasurer: Casey Kuhajda
Secretary: Mitch Ploskonka

Advisor: Dr. Hillary Nunn

Every month, SAGES produces and distributes Academic Pursuits to graduate students and faculty members in the English program. This year, the format of the newsletter has changed from a PDF attachment to a WordPress blog. The change was made to increase the space available for content, to encourage interaction from students and faculty, and to facilitate easy access from any computer at any time. The blog is intended to be a helpful tool for students to use to further their graduate endeavors and academic interests in general. This issue features pictures from recent SAGES events, information about conferences, and an interview from a new member of the NEOMFA program.

We hope that this will be an invaluable resource for all who read it.

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