Honors Research Project for English majors

The Honors Research Project is an integral part of the UA Honors experience, and every Honors College student must complete an acceptable Honors Research Project.

  • See also the web page answering Frequently Asked Questions about the Honors Research Project. 
  • A database of Honors Research Projects from previous UA Honors students is accessible through this link.

Interdisciplinary, creative projects are encouraged, and your project could be any one of the following types:

  • Research Thesis - original scholarship investigating a significant question
  • Research Report - a formal written presentation of technical, laboratory, or investigative research
  • Artistic or Creative Performance or Production - in the fine arts, applied arts, or performing arts; a written report, introduction, or commentary is required.
  • There are many important areas to keep in mind while planning and completing your Honors Research Project:
    • Guidelines
    • Due Dates
    • Funds
    • Abstract Format
    • Signature Page Format
    • Registration Course Numbers
    • FAQs

The project must meet high standards of scholarship. The student must also meet any additional department of college requirements for this project, such as prerequisite coursework or experience, qualifying examination, or oral presentation. Study abroad or field experience may be accepted, with the approval of the student's Honors Faculty Advisor, as part of the project.

The student must have attained senior standing or approval of the proposal from one of the Deans of the Honors College, and the approval of your Honors Faculty Advisor before enrolling in "Honors Research Project" for credit. The credit hours allowed for the Honors Research Project will depend on the nature of the project and the policies of individual departments. Usually, students enroll in two-three hours per semester up to a total of six hours. The minimum number of credits is two.

Submitting the proposal

Students should be planning for the Honors Research Project during the junior year.  Serious work on the project should begin at least one year prior to your graduation date.  It is best if you submit the proposal during the semester in which you will be completing 96 or more creditsThe proposal due date for those graduating in a spring semester is October 1 of the previous calendar year.  Download a copy of the proposal form.

Due dates for proposals for representative graduation dates are given below.  For the graduation date given, the proposal should be in the Honors Office by 5 p.m. on the following dates:

  • Summer graduates--Due: December 1
  • Fall graduates--Due: Mar. 1 
  • Spring graduates-- Due: October 1

Your academic records will be put on hold if you do not submit the proposal by the indicated date.

Submitting your Honors Research Project to the Honors Office

Deadlines to submit your project (including your Abstract) to the Honors College office:

  • Summer semester graduates: August 1
  • Fall semester: November 28
  • Spring semester: April 17

Your research project must be submitted to HonorsSA1@uakron.edu electronically.  Please scan the completed signature page and submit the signature page electronically as well.