English Minors

The department offers five minors- one general minor in English, one in literature, two in writing, and one in popular literature and film. These minors compliment all majors, and the critical reading and writing skills acquired through these minors will enhance any future vocation. Please contact the English department for more information. The following General Education courses DO NOT count for the minors (3300:111, 3300:112, 3300:250, 3300:252, and 3300:281).

Students must achieve an overall GPA of at least 2.0 to earn the minor. 

If a student desires a minor from the same department/school as their major, there is a college requirement for a minimum of nine (9) non-overlapping credits between the minor and the major, as well as between the minor and other minor programs in the department/school.

For students looking to add a second major or minor within the English department, please get a form at our front desk and take it to the department advisor, Dr. Mary Biddinger (marybid@uakron.edu).

1. Minor in English (6 courses)

  • Any 18 hours of courses in the English Department with at least 6 of those hours at the 300/400 level.

2. Minor in Professional Writing (6 courses)

  • Required:
    3300:390,391 Professional Writing I, II 6
    (Do not have to be taken in sequence)

  • One from the following:
    • 3300:376 Legal Writing 3
    • 3300:479 Management Reports 3
    • 3300:489 Science Writing 3

  • One departmental linguistics or language course.

  • Two additional courses from any of the literature, language or writing offerings in the department.

3. Minor in Creative Writing (330007M)

  • Two introductory creative writing courses (Min. Credits: 6.0) from:
    • 3300:276  Introduction to Creative Nonfiction Writing
    • 3300:277  Introduction to Poetry Writing
    • 3300:278  Introduction to Fiction Writing
    • 3300:279  Introduction to Script Writing
  • At least one advanced creative writing course (Min. Credits: 3.0) from:
    • 3300:377  Advanced Poetry Writing
    • 3300:378  Advanced Fiction Writing
    • 3300:379  Advanced Script Writing
    • 3300:381 Advanced Creative Nonfiction Writing

  • 3300:457 Writers on Writing

  • Two additional courses in any form of creative writing or literature from Department offerings, 300 or 400 level.

4. Minor in Popular Literature and Film (330009M)

  • Twelve hours of courses in popular literature or film at the 300/400 level in English. Six hours of courses in any literature or film topics at any level in English.

  • Students may choose from courses such as: 
    • 3300:380 Film Criticism 3
    • 3300:389 Popular Culture 3
    • 3300:399 Gothic Imagination 3
    • 3300:440 Women and Film 3
    • 3300:460 Film and Literature 3
    • 3300:489 Contemporary Women Gothic Writers 3

NOTE: The following courses taken to fulfill specific requirements in the English major CANNOT also be used to fulfill the 18 hours requirement in this minor: 3300:300 Critical Reading & Writing; 3300:301 English Literature 1; 3300:315 Shakespeare: Early; 3300:316 Shakespeare: Mature; 3300:341 American Literature 1; one course in world or multicultural literature.

5. Minor in African American Literature (330011M)

  • Any eighteen hours of of African-American literature and language courses.

 Students may choose from courses such as:

  • 3300:350       Black American Literature
  • 3300:389       African American Novel
  • 3300:474       African-American English
  • 3300:489       Harlem Renaissance

* At least 6 hours in each minor must be at 300/400 level.
** These courses do not have to be taken in sequence.