How taking Credit/No Credit may affect your financial aid

Grades of CR or NC will count as courses attempted for the evaluating of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP.) It won’t affect the minimum GPA requirement, because no grade is assigned, but it will count toward the pace completion rule (67%) and the maximum timeframe rule (150%.) All federal student aid recipients are subject to these rules in order to maintain their eligibility for financial aid.

Grades of CR will count toward increases in the Akron Guarantee Scholarship, in other words, if a student has a 3 credit hour class for which she receives a CR grade, those 3 credit hours will be included when her potential increase is being determined at the end of each spring semester. Grades of NC are not included because that grade is not considered successful completion.

Many scholarships are driven by GPA. Taking classes as CR or NC do not affect the GPA. Students should consider this if they are trying to raise their GPA to qualify for or maintain a scholarship.

Students must be enrolled at least half-time for federal student loans. Classes that students take and opt for CR/NC grades will still count toward this, however, if the student receives NC, they may be subject to Return of Title IV Funds if they stopped attending.