Ways that tuition dollars can be applied

Students can use all scholarship dollars they earn for tuition and fees and on-campus housing and meal plans. We know that on-campus housing contributes to student academic success. And even if students choose to live off campus at their own expense, they can still apply scholarship dollars toward a campus meal plan.

This policy applies uniformly to all undergraduate scholarship recipients, including tuition-remission recipients who also receive UA scholarship dollars.

For tuition-remission recipients

UA tuition remission recipients are beneficiaries of an employee benefit. The benefit includes free tuition and covers the General Service Fee for employees and free tuition for employee dependents.

This generous benefit, which can amount to about $10,000 per year for a student enrolled in a full-time course load, is provided regardless of ACT, SAT, high school GPA, or subsequent academic performance at UA.

Tuition remission recipients also are eligible to receive UA scholarships. When scholarships are added to tuition remission, some students are receiving nearly $20,000 yearly to offset the cost of college. This far exceeds the value of merit scholarships provided to students who do not have access to tuition remission (for example, a student with a 4.0 GPA and 36 ACT could also receive significant scholarship awards.

If you have questions regarding individual scholarships and refunds and how they can be applied, please reach out to us via the Support Center.