Graduate Degree Programs

The Department of Geosciences at The University of Akron offers Masters of Science programs in a number of concentrations including:

  • Geology
  • Earth Science
  • Environmental Geology

Graduate Certificate

  • Geographic Information Sciences
  • Environmental Studies

For more information about our programs please see the Graduate Bulletin. As a student considering graduate study you have many different objectives in mind. It may be a desire to broaden your knowledge of the science, qualifying for employment, advancing organizational goals, or continuing towards your education towards a Ph.D. program. Whatever your goals are the Department of Geology and Environmental Science's objective is to help the student make use of their skills in a way suited to them. In doing so the Department offers:

  • Training applicable to employment in the public, private, and government sectors
  • Regular lectures from the public and private sector professionals as part of our seminar series
  • Information about current available jobs in the field circulated though email
  • Professional development and networking strategies
  • Encouragement in presenting research findings at professional geosciences meetings
  • All of this, plus an innovative faculty to further educate you and get involved with in cutting edge research, await you at The University of Akron.