A Veterans Day Thank You from President Gary L. Miller


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Dear members of the University of Akron community,

I am pleased to recognize Veterans Day and to honor our veterans along with our active-duty military members. I also want to commend those who play a role in the community-wide systems that support our military members at all phases of their educational and professional careers and beyond.

Government entities, community service initiatives, faith-based organizations and, of course, families and friends all contribute to this important effort. I believe most of our veterans would agree that these support systems are vital to their success.

Here at The University of Akron, we are driven to offer students from all backgrounds access to opportunities in higher education. The UA Military Services Center, and other departments and divisions at the University, provide comprehensive programming and initiatives that allow veterans to focus on attaining their higher education goals.

I am extremely grateful to the faculty and staff who ensure the University is a welcoming place for student veterans and their families. This work has not gone unnoticed.

Please take a moment to thank a veteran or think about the impact a veteran may have had on your family or community. Veterans, along with active-duty military members, are an essential component of our campus and I thank them for their dedication to our University and our nation.


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Gary L. Miller
The University of Akron