Akron Esports looks to add seventh varsity team


The University of Akron’s (UA) Akron Esports varsity program is adding a seventh team to its lineup.

The five-on-five, team-based tactical game Valorant from developer Riot that has skyrocketed in popularity in recent months is planned to be added to the program’s lineup for the Fall 2021 semester. Tryouts are scheduled for Feb. 28 and are open to current UA students, prospective students and transfer students. Tryout applicants are available on the Akron Esports website.

“I am very excited about adding Valorant as another varsity title,” said UA Esports Director Nate Meeker. “We have seen a huge number of students on campus playing and an even larger number in the current high school esports scene in Ohio. This will give all students that love playing Valorant the chance to compete at the highest level while representing The University of Akron. We expect to have around 60 students tryout for the team for the upcoming fall. From those 60 we will select five starters, two substitutes, a coach and a manager. In addition, we will also look to have at least three club teams going into next fall to give more students an opportunity to play.”

“We are always excited at the chance to give more students additional opportunities and adding Valorant as a varsity game helps us to accomplish that goal,” added UA Esports Head Coach Sean Mitchuson.

If successful, the addition of Valorant will add an additional nine players to the Akron Esports varsity roster, bringing the total number of students to 67.

UA is the first public university in northern Ohio and one of the first Division I universities in the country to create a varsity esports program, which launched in December 2017. The Akron Rocket League team, which has won three national championships, was the first team to earn two consecutive national championships with an undefeated record. The Akron Rainbow Six Siege team has also won two consecutive national championships.

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