Akron Esports makes ViewSonic exclusive monitor provider for program


esports of Art at The University of Akron

Continuing its trend of adding high profile partners, Akron Esports at The University of Akron (UA) has established a sponsorship with ViewSonic, which will allow the program to continue to grow and thrive as a leader in the collegiate esports space.

With this sponsorship, ViewSonic has become the official provider of monitors to the Akron Esports program. The company will furnish the program’s three campus spaces with the ViewSonic ELITE™ XG250 gaming monitors. These monitors are an upgrade from the previous ViewSonic® monitors that the program has used for the past five years. These new monitors deliver lightning fast 1ms response time, and 280Hz refresh rate designed to optimize performance.  

“Not only is ViewSonic providing the program with high-end equipment, but they are also showing dedication to the educational aspects of our program,” says Nate Meeker, director of esports at UA. “As the esports space changes, we need to be on our toes to keep up with the changes in technology – adding ViewSonic as a sponsor will help us keep up with those growing changes and treads in a very positive way.”

Head Coach Hunter Wood said the new monitors, now up to 280Hz from 144Hz, are the new gold standards for the esports industry.

“At the high levels of competition our players compete at, every millisecond matters,” said Wood. “This has been something that players on our teams have been asking for, and it’s fantastic that now we will be able to offer an even better competition experience for our players and anyone who comes to our esports events thanks to ViewSonic.”

ViewSonic will be recognized on the three esports spaces in InfoCision Stadium, the Jean Hower Taber Student Union, and the Williams Honors College. ViewSonic will also be featured on team jerseys, social media, and Twitch during live competition streams.