Donors rise to the occasion during pandemic, supporting ZipAssist, Emergency Tech Fund


The University of Akron’s commitment to its students’ well-being and degree progress has shone brightly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some of the many students grateful for ZipAssist and the Emergency Tech Fund

The global pandemic has caused significant increases in the numbers of students suffering job loss and struggling to meet basic food, rent, tuition and transportation needs, according to Zip Assist Director Ali Doehring. Students are also asking for laptops or hotspots for internet access so they can continue classes online.

Immediately taking action, President Gary L. Miller appealed to the Zips Family and the response has been heart-warming. Alumni and friends have provided emergency assistance for students through ZipAssist, Campus Cupboard and the new Emergency Technology Fund for Students.

Throughout March and April, 385 donors provided a total of $153,271 in support of emergency need funds, with $97,525 designated to the Emergency Technology Fund for Students.* This support is part of the $507,738 received for emergency needs for students this fiscal year through the end of April.

*Updates and student thank you videos can be found at: