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The most iconic places in the world—the Statue of Liberty, Stonehenge, the Grand Canyon—all have a story; an intriguing tale of whimsy and fate; facts and figures burnish images in the collective mind, cementing their reputations as enduring landmarks.

H. Peter Burg Memorial Garden QR code

Discover their stories and benefit to our campus community when you scan the QR code on each sign.

The University of Akron has its own share of special places. Beyond the central campus where learners of all ages come together, the University is a collection of physical spaces that have their own tales to share; landscapes where friends meet and thereafter changed forever.

Do you know the story of the H. Peter Burg Memorial Garden? Or are you aware of the meaning of Graham Garden for the benefactors whose name it bears?

University Council Institutional Advancement Committee, in coordination with the Office of Advancement, invites you to explore UA. The first 10 of 44+ park-like signs located throughout campus, identify named landmarks and green spaces on campus, honoring the philanthropy and people of the University community.

Around every corner a story awaits. A family or an individual with a lesson to share; what they learned about themselves, and through their generosity, what they are sharing with future generations.

Named Spaces Recognition Campus Landmark Map
Phase 1

    UA Campus Landmark Map-Phase 1

    The campus landmark map shows the first 10 of 44+ park-like signs throughout campus to identify named landmarks and green spaces.

  1. Clara I. Knight Plaza Fountain
  2. E.J. Thomas Performing Arts Hall
  3. Goodyear Polymer Center
  4. Chihuly Sculpture
  5. Eugene D. Graham ’54 Memorial Garden
  6. Les and Kathy Coleman Common
  7. The Richard and Charlotte Staiger Garden
  8. Korean War Memorial
  9. H. Peter Burg Memorial Garden
  10. Skeeles Field