Meet the recipients of the Mercury Plastics Scholarships


Mercury Plastics LLC, a manufacturing company based in Middlefield, Ohio, recently awarded five engineering students scholarships totaling $10,000.   

Nkemjika Ike


"The Mercury Plastics scholarship isn’t just about the money. It means recognition of the hard work required to be continuously successful as a student. Student life isn’t easy let alone being an engineering student so receiving this award is truly encouraging. It is hope.

My name is Nkemjika which means “Mine’s Greater.” I’m Nigerian with a love for academia. I dabble in real estate and also enjoy trading stocks. I’ve been an active member of Campus Focus, a student led fellowship group. When I am not in the research lab, you can find me in the Student Union playing pool with friends. I have co-op'd with some great companies which gave me hands-on experience to support the theoretical work done on campus. After I graduate I would like to get a full-time job working in the biomechanics industry. But a dream company to work for would be NASA."

- Nkemjika Ike, biomedical engineering major

Jade Reese


"As a fourth-year student, the Mercury Plastics Scholarship is the first external scholarship I have ever been awarded. I owe it to Mercury Plastics for helping me to not get bogged down by the cost of my education. Since high school I have been interested in everything there is to know about polymers and elastomers. When I graduate, I see myself working at a company that specializes in this.   

During my first two semesters on co-op, I learned so much about plastic and rubber moldings and developed a passion for the subject. While not on co-op, I help the College with outreach and retention as a member of the Dean's Team and am a tutor for underclassmen. It is my passion to work in teams to gain a greater perspective on how to solve problems, and I am eager to face any future challenges as an engineer."

- Jade Reese, mechanical engineering major

Alexa Langenfeld


"I am a junior mechanical engineering major in a dual enrollment program at both Malone University and The University of Akron. At Malone I play college soccer for their varsity team and am a member of Sigma Zeta and math club. At UA, I am on the Biomedical Engineering Design Team. I am a part-time baker and a painter. I paint anything from lions on canvas, scones on benches, sunsets on long boards, and beachscapes on mirrors. I am currently on co-op GPD at Group in Akron.  

After graduation, I am not entirely sure what my plans are. I really like the company I am with now, but I have so much more to learn about and companies to check out."

- Alexa Langenfeld, mechanical engineering major

Megan Stanfield


" I am a first year mechanical engineering student with a minor in Spanish and certificate in Environmental Studies. I have worked in education technology for over three years at Woodridge High School and now at S3 Technologies. On campus I am a member of Engineers for a Sustainable World, the Society of Women Engineers, Eureka, plus I am an Emerging Leader Ambassador. After graduation I plan to work in environmental engineering with renewable energy and sustainability.

This scholarship means everything to me! Now I can spend more of my time focusing on my academics and extracurriculars instead of stressing out about balancing work and college.

Little known fact about me is that I did competitive gymnastics when I was younger. I still remember all of my routines." 

- Megan Stanfield, mechanical engineering major

Sydney Worthy


"I am an electrical engineering student in my second year at The University of Akron. The scholarship will help me stress less about money and be the best student I can be and make the people who have invested in me proud!

A little about myself: I am from Columbus and I am a student athlete on UA’s women’s soccer team. Being a student athlete comes with its own set of difficulties, which makes engineering challenges just a little more fun! Despite the extra responsibilities, I would not change a thing about my journey as I am the happiest I have ever been here at UA. In the summer of last year, I was able to work with my brilliant mother, who owns her very own engineering firm. I want to try something new within the engineering field and am nailing down my summer co-op. The possibilities in engineering are endless which is what I love about this area of study. "

- Sydney Worthy, electrical engineering major 


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