From adversity to achievement - Katherine Green ‘24


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Katherine Green, a determined first-generation college student who came to The University of Akron (UA) from Ellet Community Learning Center in Akron, will proudly graduate from UA this spring with a Bachelor of Business Administration in financial management. With a job already lined up, Green has made tremendous strides. Just five years ago, the odds were stacked against her. 

In 2019, Green was facing academic probation due to a 1.1 grade point average. Realizing she needed to take accountability and control, Green connected with Carrie Tuesday, the director of undergraduate advising in the College of Business. Through mentorship, Tuesday helped Green better adapt to college life. Despite working 40 hours a week in a full-time job, Green began consistently attending class and persevered. Pivotal courses in business communication, which included writing and practicing persuasive elevator pitches, pushed her out of her comfort zone and honed her communication skills. 

"Realizing I had hit a low point, I engaged in self-reflection and recognized that my behavior during academic probation didn't align with the student I knew myself to be," Green explained. "It was a tough love scenario.; I had to be brutally honest with myself to overcome probation and prioritize my future."

During her senior year at UA, Green embraced campus involvement. She joined Delta Sigma Pi (DSP) and took a leadership role as its vice president of public relations. She also got involved in Gamma Iota Sigma (GIS), Women in Business (WIB) and the African American Business Association (AABA). Regular guidance from advisors like Tuesday and Donald Jensen, assistant director of Career Services and Student Employment, kept her pushing forward. 

Recently, Green obtained accolades she never thought possible, including the Rising Leaders certificate from the Institute for Leadership Advancement (ILA) and the prestigious College of Business EDGE Honors regalia medal, reflecting her extensive involvement in professional development.

“My message to others is this: when times get tough and you have the urge to quit, don't stop. Keep pushing forward," Green stated. "There's always a glimmer of hope, and your story has the power to motivate others. It’s not the end when things get tough. It’s just the beginning.” 

Since defying the odds, Green’s inspiring journey embodies resilience, growth and leadership. She is poised to inspire others with her remarkable transformation — just one of the many ways she’s lived the College’s Experience Business motto. 

Media contact: Cristine Boyd,, 330-972-6476